PASSED out from Pass Lake.... all day event!

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Chef, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Yesterday was an awesome day. Decided to hit Pass Lake.... after much debate all week to going to Lone (fairy fee was the deal breaker) Pass it was.

    Left the house and got out there around 8 or so. Only one other person out there. The weather was awesome but windy and cold.... made the hands cold quick. Loaded up and launched out there. Got hung up a few times and landed some fish too which was nice. I learned to work some structure a little too and had some fun with my intermediate line.... I have only used it once before.

    I met some great people out there. Loren and his friend came out to brave the cold wind. Loren bought my ranzetti and his eyes glowed up when he saw it... like a kid in a candy shop going for the good stuff! They left soon after (I dont blame then... it was windy and cold).

    Met mary out there too. Thank you for the flies by the way. I want to learn to tie the brown one. When I changed flies, I went with that one and hooked into a fish immediately.

    Islander Steve came out there to try out the renegade and he is now the proud new owner of the sweet renegade. I hope you love it.

    I ended up using my fins today. Been shying away from them for a while thinking my oars are all I needed but I was dead wrong. Its nice to be able to manouver with the fins. especially when it is windy and your playing a fish or changing out the line or flies. Its amazing how much the wind moves you across the water... really fast. You change out a fly and before your know it, you moved soo far away and are like "shit... I just covered that area". :)

    I learned a lot today and learned some things I need to work on. A few questions for your all that I would like your opinions on:

    1) Browns vs rainbows: do browns work the bottom more vs the rainbows? Do you think there is a technique difference with the browns versus rainbows?

    2) When using a sinking line, do I want the leader and tippet to be long? How long of a leader and how long of a tippet? I ask because I have only used my intermediate once and I have no clue what I am doing (but having a hell of a good time)

    3) How do you work an area that has many logs down? Seems like I got caught up a lot today.

    Then after Pass Lake.....

    ..... it was time to head home, unload, tie my steelhead flies for the fly tying event at Jeffs house, load up and head out. I finished loading up and remembered that I lost Jeffs address and had to pm a lot of people to try to get it. Finally around 6 pm and I got it and headed out for Edmonds. We had a great time.... eating pizza... bsing a lot too. Thank you Jeff. Nice end to a wonderful day!
  2. Excellent report Chef!
    It was great to party with you at Jeff's. Nice bugs by the way, your tying skills are advancing rapidly!
  3. Nice report, I will be out there tomorrow!!!
  4. I've used shorter leaders with sinking lines and intermediates.

    Can't help you with the brown thing, but I do know they move around just like the bows do.

  5. Issac,
    It was nice fishing with you again today :) Sorry for the late arrival, but I still had a great time out on the water! Was great seeing you land that Rainbow :D ! Loren and his friend told me it was nasty out there, but I am glad I decided to put in even though there was the wind, It wasn't bad as I thought it would be ( the sun made it very nice out there despite the wind ), and My toon handled the wind nicely :) I will have to work on the fins, you and Mary looked like they worked nicely in the wind. I met a guy named Billy, from Tacoma that loves fishing Pass lake. Bill was in the other red Scadden (next size down from yours) that he picked up at the sportsman show...was his maiden voyage in it. He was interested in finding fishing partners for his outtings, so I told him about our wonderful site :D and he said he will be joining the forums soon! I had one log snag on the bottom, was able to free up after a couple mins and save my fly. I also know now what is sounds and feels like to crack off a fly with a bad cast ;)
    Once I was all done, was strapping my toon to my roof, and my ratchet on my strap gave out :( took a half an hours fiddling with it to get it working enough to secure my toon.

    I am not sure which lake I will be hitting next weekend, but I I will be making an anchor during the week, so that next weekend I can go stationary and work areas that look fishy to me. May even get my little electric motor mounted, though I don't know if I can use it in Pass as the sign said no motors (do they mean no electrics too?) .

    Thanks for the Lemon Bar Issac, it hit the spot after all that rowing on the lake :D
  6. Nope no motors (even electric) on Pass. Just fins and oars
  7. Hey Isaac,
    Hope that stuff on browns made sense. I got to thinking about the structure question and remembered having the same issue early on. Our natural tendency is to try and get down into the structure (between logs, under docks, etc.) where the fish likely are; however, that's not only impossible, it wouldn't be the most effective way to present anyway. It's easier than that but you need a 180 on the thought process.

    Instead of the piece of structure itself, consider what's hiding there and its behavior (so think about the fish, not the log). First, he's in there to avoid predation and ambush food. When taking food he generally darts out when something gets close enough, takes it, then goes right back into hiding to wait for the next one. So for you, there's no need for your fly to venture into the cover and tap that fish on the shoulder...that's not natural. You want it in his field of vision which makes your game a lot easier. All you need to do is understand where he is looking - so that's over the top of submerged logs, next to a dock, in front of overhang, and so on. Then it's just a matter of counting down your presentation to the best depth before stripping back (i.e. with overhang that sits along a steep drop you probably want to count it down a little deeper, but a submerged log 2 ft below the surface or a shallow weedy section won't require much counting down at all).

    The other good part is you don't need to identify the size and shape of submerged structure since you're not going in want that fly in the immediate surroundings where something in hiding can look out and see it. So it follows your takes will happen out and away from the cover, and at times they'll give chase quite a ways before the grab so it might be surprisingly far.

    Overall it's not a difficult task, and you'll know you're getting it right when your fly is finding more fish than snags.

    Beyond that, there's a lot to consider about whether or not they'll be in there at a given time, but that's another discussion. Best way to be sure is just give it a shot. Then if nothing produces in reasonable time go search elsewhere (open water, along shoals, etc.).
  8. Does anyone know that this really is the law on Pass Lake....No Electric Motors????
  9. Yes it is the law on Pass Lake.
  10. Although it is law, it is one that has never been truly explained other than some form of tradition. It is one of those laws you just follow and don't worry about if it makes sense.

  11. Thanks Ford. So... should you cast in the area of obstructon? For example.... if I want to work the weedy point on pass, do I cast up near the shore and work back or cast a little out from the weed bed? And in the case of casting and stripping.... do I want to anchor for this or not? If not, do I just let the wind carry me?
  12. Also had a great day yesterday at Pass besides the nasty wind. Nice to finally meet you Issac as i have heard so much about you the last few weeks from Loren. Also a pleasure to meet Mary and Wilburr.

  13. Great to meet you too Roby. You gotta get some chest waders bro. I applaude you for fishing when wet. I was freezing and I was dressed up like no other! :)
  14. Yes...

    Can you imagine how many more people would be out there if electric motors were allowed? yikes
  15. Pass is a spring feed lake from a very small water table. As such, it has very little water coming and going. If someone were to lose a battery in it, It(the battery) would have a large impact on the lake. Combine that with the runoff from the road and the other chemicals that are coming from the houses above it in the water table. It wouldn't take much to put a real hurt on that lake.

    Besides, do you really need a motor on a lake that small?
  16. from the regs------Pass lake------Catch-and-release. Fly fishing only. Motors prohibited. Pretty much cut and dry no need to wonder why.
  17. Yea it was pretty cold but once my bumm nummed up it was bearable lol. I'm going to start looking into some chest waders come this next weekend and then I should be set.

  18. sweet because I want you and Loren to be on the water.... LONGER..... cant rush the fishing! :)
  19. Any one gonna be there tomorrow? I will be there early with a blue toon white truck. Feel free to row by and say hi. Il be the one not catching fish.
  20. True that I wish we could have stayed out longer. Loren was itching to get home and tie on that new vise.

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