PASSED out from Pass Lake.... all day event!

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Chef, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Bummed I missed the fly tying fun!! Issac -- The flies were a hybrid of Barr's Bouface/Slumpbuster using Brown and Black Bunny strips (regular cut, not zonker style). I guess you you could call it a "Conehead Face Buster" or "SlumpFace" :) I know I tied a few 'by the book' then improvised from there.

    The patterns are available at Charlies Flybox:



    Looking forward to my next trip to the lake! (Looking forward to warmer weather, for sure!)
  2. mary: where you headed this weekend?
  3. If you are handicapped with sticker electric motors are allowed just read the regs
  4. Yo chef #2 and #3 alot of the answers are found in books young skywalker. and this is not a jedi mind trick......sorry i had to say it ...
  5. Kvan: Yes you are right however, one can pick up one book and then another and they can be totally contradictory. There are many ways to learn:
    1- Read a book
    2- reearch on the internet
    3- ask questions
    4- observe and do

    So yes, you are right, answers can be found in books. Answers can also be found asking questions too. Remember, seeking answers is not about only looking in one place.... it's utilizing all of your resources to come up with different OPINIONS and then seeing what works best for you.

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