passing along a smoking deal on a waterproof P&S

Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by orangeradish, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Almost 1/2 off. Pretty popular camera. The colors are from a special purchase that had some leftovers. It came with a 2 gig card, a floting strap, and I added an extra battery and the 5yr warranty. The total shipped was just under $220. If anyone is in the market, I'd jump on this one. It just seems logical.
  2. oh hells yes...thanks
  3. I'm here to serve. :thumb:
  4. I think I see the logic in that
  5. 173.95 after shipping...the toy comes Monday
  6. Nice. I'm glad someone else took advantage of the deal. I cheaped out on the shipping so I have to wait till the 29th.:beathead:
  7. Had I just not bought a new DLSR setup I'd grab this ... contemplating it anyway :)
  8. just got mine in the mail yesterday....awesome
  9. I got mine a few days ago. It is pretty sweet. Check out the 1cm macro. awesome for bug close-ups.

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