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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by EMPyre, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. I just realized what day it is, wow. I hope they make it in by the deadline. To compensate, I tossed in two extra patterns for everyone.
    #14 Caddis Nymph
    #14 Red Chironomid
    #8 Damselfly Nymph
  2. Nick, got them just now. I'll wait through the weekend at least before sending everything back out, just to see if the rest trickle in and so I can pics taken. Thanks for the extras Nick!
  3. AK and Hog, you guys still in on this?
    Haven't seen bugs from either of you yet...
    I'll PM tomorrow.
    Took some photos tonight, my brother needs a macro lens, but they'll work. If I don't get flies from the rest I'll be sending you all back some of yours. I should be able to get them in the mail this week. Friday at the latest assuming I don't need to wait.

    They all look great, and I'm pretty pleased with this swap, I'm already thinking about another one. I'll have to come up with a theme.
  4. EMPyre,

    If it turns out that there's extras, why don't you keep the extra Sioux Sunrises. A little something for your trouble.

  5. Have you sent the flies back out yet?
  6. Haven't mailed any yet...
    I was hoping to see the Bugs from AK (I think). So far I've got packages from the following folks:
    Sean, Roy, Ron, RDL, and Nick.
    AL had said they were in the mail so I'm inclined to wait it out a bit longer if nobody minds. You all let me know. If you want them I'll get them out by Wednesday night, or we can give AK until Friday, and I'll drop them then.
  7. I'm fine waiting, it'll be that much better when we get the flies.
  8. I can wait a bit too.
  9. I made you wait long enough to get mine! :)
  10. Going to be a bit before I do any fishing, waiting works for me.
  11. Got the flies from the great white North last night...
    Will package them all up and mail them in the morning! Thanks everyone.
  12. Just divided them all up and on my way to the post office, flies are on their way, thanks again everyone!
  13. I just got the fies back and they're all awesome! The reverse parachute looks quite intriguing, I'm really looking forward to throwing all these though!
  14. I agree with Nick. Got mine this afternoon and they're great looking flies. Thanks to everyone, especially Erich for hosting.

  15. My pleasure, I'd love to set up another, got to think of a theme...
    I've got some duplicates in my pile, if anybody comes up short PM me and I'll send something out. I'm pretty sure I got them all divided properly, but you never know.
  16. EMPyre, you did good mister, well done for a first attempt.
    I got my set this morning. I'm delighted, these are lovely.

    so.. thanks for hosting and
    thanks to ALL you excellent flytiers who put a fly in my box,
    Roy Christie
  17. I thought that reversed parachute fly looked familiar. I saw it on the UK Fly dressing site. Very nice Roy, but had I known that was you, I probably would have chucked mine in the trash and tried again.

  18. You gotta be kidding me Ron,
    That Soiux Sunrise of yours is a thing of beauty , a work of art and most important it looks like it will catch BIG steelies and salmon.
    This was a fine swap, I look forward to more...
    keep me posted,
    thanks again, all,

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