patrick's fly shop has had it's last chance

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by lylelovett666, May 8, 2009.

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  1. Dylan D

    Dylan D Member

    Jimmy came off as an A-hole the first few times I went into his shop, but once I got to know him a little better, I came to appreciate his approach more -- less fluff, more direct. He's not the only shop I go to, as we have some excellent ones nearby (Creekside, Avid, Pacific FF, etc.), but I don't hesitate to go in there now as I might have early on.
  2. Chris Puma

    Chris Puma hates waking up early

    Hopefully nobody quoted me already but this idea of bending over at all costs because a shop is local gets me amped up. If you get treated like sh*t have some respect for yourself and don't ask for another serving.
  3. Coach Duff

    Coach Duff Banned or Parked

    Puma no one's arguing with you. Everybody's personalities in this planet don't mesh. If you didn't like the experience with Jimmy and decided to go elsewhere, good on ya. I like shopping with Jimmy and you don't. Neither one of us is right or wrong and everybody interprets things differently depending on a thousand variables. However no matter what you say, it will not change my opinion of Jimmy or his shop both of which I like alot. Just as you will not change yours due to an experience you percieved as negative. Patricks is the oldest flyshop West of the Mississippi for those of you who don't know. It used to be a meeting place for Letcher Lambuth, Enos Bradner, and many founding fathers and pioneers of flyfishing (especially in salt and for steelhead) in the United States. Founded in 1946 by and run by the legendary Roy Patrick it was bought by Jimmy from Roy's widow. It has always had a "City" feel to it. I guess in this day and age the honest, to the point style of Jimmy LeMert is not appreciated by some of you and I respect and understand that. However due to history, tradition and the fact that many of us love Jimmy and the way he runs his shop, I think Patricks will always have a place in Washington Flyfishing lore, legend and futures. Tight lines Coach Duff
  4. lylelovett666

    lylelovett666 Active Member

    Puma I'm arguing with you.You should bend over for a zebco kiddie rod if told to.
  5. Chris Puma

    Chris Puma hates waking up early

    Duff, you're right. Nobody is arguing with me. Cheers, Chris.
  6. Jason Rolfe

    Jason Rolfe Wanderer

    I've gotta say I'm with Coach. Jimmy is definitely brusque, but sometimes I definitely prefer that, and being left alone, to some of the other shops. And while he is a bit to the point at times, I have never left his shop with a question unanswered. His was my first trip to a fly shop, where I bought my first vest. I was nervous as hell walking in there and didn't know a green butt skunk from my own ass crack. But Jimmy was cool and easy and answered any questions I had.

    Anyway, just thought I'd pipe in. Plus, the shop is just cool. The artwork there, the fly selection, etc. I like the fact that it's small and easy to get through. I love Kaufmann's too, but sometimes that's just too much crap for me to think about.

  7. Les Johnson

    Les Johnson Les Johnson

    I've known Jimmy for at least twenty years, probably more. During that time I did a stint in his shop working with him on a business plan. We worked well together. Jimmy may have his warts [of course none of the rest of us do] but he is a sincere, generous person who throws the best darned small shop Chirstmas Gala you could ever be invited to.
    Jimmy is also a top FFF distance casting champ who has won the Washington competition twice with casts of more than 111' using a 5-weight line. He cleaned up on all entrants at the Don Hawley Tarpon Tournament in Florida two [maybe three] times against the best big-game fly-rodders around. Hawley finally kicked Jimmy upstairs to take over as Tournament Director, which he did equally well before retiring. Whether you like Jimmy LeMert or not is your own decision. He is however one of the best fly tiers, talented casters and dedicated beach fishermen I know of. I will admit though that Jimmy does not wear his generosity and sensitivety on his sleeve
    Just my 2-cents.
  8. Lugan

    Lugan Joe Streamer

    I'm just surprised that this thread is being allowed to continue given that Jimmy sponsors this website. I guess I personally like the free flow of opinion, but still...I'm surprised.
  9. KerryS

    KerryS Ignored Member

    I always wonder why when someone gets butt hurt they have to post it up on the board. Jezzus freakin' khrist. Like someone isn't going to go in the place because someone got butt hurt. Ain't going to stop me. If I am in the neighborhood I will stop in and not even give this thread a second thought.
  10. steelydan

    steelydan Newb seeking wisdom

    I have no knowledge or experience with the shop in question.
    I have seen local fishing/outdoors shops crater because of the rude/knowitall/assininity of one particular employee.
    If it's the owner, and it's known and accepted, I guess that's their right as owner.
    If you see a local place go out of business because of the way the employees act, then have no more local place to shop, well, it's not good for the outdoor enthusiast.
    I used to love going to Sportees in Redmond to pick up a few things, but we watched that place twist in the wind.
    I guess the Patrick's experience is one I need to have.
  11. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    Shoot... I may have to mosey down to Patricks and see what's up. Last time I went there Roy still owned it and had Tom Darling behind the counter. I didn't care for the parking and probably will even less now.
  12. Buck

    Buck "Ride'n Dirty."

    Patrick's is the ONLY fly shop I have EVER walked into and been treated poorly.
  13. Runejl

    Runejl Josh

    I have been in there a couple times and will also never return.

    The last time I went in to Patricks, his Open sign was on and and he was in the store door unlocked. I entered and he was there behind the counter in his unusual Metro attire. I said hi, and began browsing picking up items that I cant get in Bham. When I came to the counter to make my purchase he made a point of telling me that they were actually closed and that it was a great inconvenience to sell me the 75 dollars of stuff.

    I am slow to react and paid for my goods, but by the time I made it to the door I had realised the rudeness that I had been treated with and wished that I hadnt given him any buisness.

    He might be a good guy to some people, and he may be a good caster, but he isnt freindly and he isnt deserving of my hard earned dollars.

    I wouldnt shop there.
  14. Buck

    Buck "Ride'n Dirty."

    Too bad to, isn't Patrick's the first fly shop in Seattle, or is it the oldest?
  15. Trent

    Trent Ugly member

    I've never been to this Patrick's shop and I probably never will, this is due to the fact that I live in Marysville and I'm assuming this shop is in the Seattle area. Back on the topic of customer service; BOO HOO, go cry a bloody river. I'm going to have to agree with what coach said about the lack of annoying ass kissing and endless conversation when all you want is to get in and get out. If the guy has what you need and has knowledge to share when asked, why bitch, is it because he he doesn't make you feel like a special little princess?

    NFR, but is exactly the same thing. There is this gun shop up north, Kesslerings Gun Shop, the owner and the clerks are some of the rudest, short speaking assholes you will encounter at any store (this I gaurentee), but if you ask a question they will help, sometimes they walk off if they are bored with you (happened to me), they usually send one of the young guys to help you instead. They are very knowledgeble and willing to help though. Also, their gunsmith does really outstanding work. I buy most of my firearm stuff from them, and firearm I need fixed goes to them (even if there is someplace cheaper).

    I guess what my point is; is who bloody well cares if you don't feel like a princess when you shop. Did you get what you needed? Was your questions answered? If yes, then you got good service, maybe not conversation, but you didn't go there for conversation did you?

    If you don't like the store don't shop there, simple as that.:beathead:

  16. I want to echo what coach and les johnson have said.........jimmy may not be pc all of the time but he is a treat to spend time around and the shop is a landmark. I've taken classes there had rods built and always go back when i'm in town.
  17. Bob Balder

    Bob Balder Willing to learn anything...

    I too remember being in patrick's with Roy and having Tom darling behind the counter, never was treated poorly. Place sorta fell off some after Roy died, Mrs. Patrick had her hands full, I was, however, always treated well.
    Once the place changed hands, that was it for me, I didn't appreciate the owner much at all.
    I don't care how long the place has been there, who used to hang out there or how fine of a caster the owner is. Being treated like you are bothering someone when you are lining his pockets makes no sense.
    I have no intention of "getting to know" the owner of an establishment to be treated like a human being I expect to be treated that way just because I am patronising his establishment.
    Having said all of that, I have spent countless hours hanging over the counter talking to Tom darling, Jeff Barker, Buzz Fiorini and countless others in the old Avid Angler always getting great service, good information and a warm smile from the bunch of them.
    I now spend my fishing dollars at The Avid Angler, Nathan and the crew are great people, always willing to help and share their knowledge.
    Just because some guy can cast and went to Florida to reperesnt the state gives me no reason to want to take time to "Get to know him" or put up with his attitude just to spend money in his shop.
    In closing, why would Chris shut down thei thread just because the guy is a sponser? is what it is.
  18. obiwankanobi

    obiwankanobi Active Member

    I disagree. Looking at a fly shop from a business perspective much of the inventory is regulated by standard pricing(i.e. Sage, Winston, Simms, Scott, Abel ect.) and/or has margins too small to be competitive based on price. So how can they gain greater local market share? Customer service, customer service, customer service!!!!

    No one expects great customer service when they shop at Wal-Mart because they know that they will likely get the cheapest price with the goods that they purchase. Certainly, customers don't have the expectation of walking into a fly shop and being greeted by a fine looking masseuse looking to massage their back's and serve them complimentary champagne, but encouraging the customer's to linger around more by talking to them, increases sales.

    I have yet to visit Avid Angler, but PSFC, Orvis, K'mann's & Creekside have been great to me, hence why when I shop there I am not likely to leave the store in under an hour.:D

    In an era where I can shop with the convenience of my computer, what keep's my loyalty is the great customer service I have received at the aforementioned shops.
  19. lylelovett666

    lylelovett666 Active Member

    I don't think people want to be treated like royalty.I do think however when I decide to purchase goods or services from someone there should be at least a modicum of gratitude and a measure of courtesy for considering a purchase in their store.It's called customer service.Instead every time I've been to Patrick's and the owner is there he has treated me like I was screwing up his day by being there.The rest of the staff have always been courteous and pleasant to deal with.That's nice that jimmy can cast really far.Maybe now that he has casting down he can work on improving his disposition.
  20. Josh

    Josh dead in the water

    Like I said, I've never been in this shop and given that I live 90 miles away, I probably won't ever go there.

    I put up with weirdness and crankiness and shitiness from my friends, because they give me their friendship back. But I sure as hell won't put up with crap from anyone who makes me "put in time" just so I can give him my hard earned money and have him not be a jerk about it. Screw that noise. My life is way too short to deal with any of that.

    If you are going to pull that kind of thing, you had better be the ONLY game in town. And these days, there isn't anywhere that Fed Ex doesn't reach.
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