patrick's fly shop has had it's last chance

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by lylelovett666, May 8, 2009.

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  1. Daryle Holmstrom retiredfishak

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    Hopefully Roys book will keep selling
  2. Kim Hampton Not Politically Correct

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    For me it's it's the information and good advice I receive. Puget Sound Fly Company is my main shop as it is fairly close for me. When Morning Hatch was open I used them a lot but I felt they were kind of snooty. I go into Patrick's every once in a while when I'm in the area but you can't classify me as a regular. I would classify Jimmy more of a character than rude. Even not being a regular every question I ask it seems like I get a good answer. I took a few casting lessons from him to help me for my first bonefish trip. Very good and patient. It helped.....I should go back from more lessons because I've lapsed to my old self. A year before I took the casting lessons from him I walked in there out of the blue and asked if he could point me to a bonefish location that would also be good for a non fishing wife. It ended up being "the best" travel/fishing vacation we have had ever. I got a pat on the ass and an A+ from the wife on that one. Of course the people running the lodge said something about him running around the Island in a Pink Bunny suit....I guess it was Easter. Come on man someone that does that in the heat of Belize can't be all that bad. Did I say "charcter".
  3. lylelovett666 Active Member

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    Touche Ben.
    I'm definitely not overly sensitive but I do know when someone is being rude. As for me being the rude one last year I guess you would have had to heard jim's snotty and dismissive tone.Again it was the "how dare you come into my store and bother me by trying to buy something" routine that he seems to love pulling.
  4. Josh dead in the water

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    Too much friday night scotch makes jokes seem funnier in my head than they really are.
  5. lylelovett666 Active Member

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    I forgot to mention,
    are you really going to take time to ask questions or glean any info from someone who acts hostile from the moment you walk through the door?
  6. Ben Waldschmidt Member

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    I did not mention anything about feelings. I have never, and probably will never go to this shop. That's why I was upfront about my post being an observation.

    I'm glad to hear that you don't have overly sensitive feelings, neither do I :beer2:

    Come down to Al's sometime and we can talk about feelings over some Rainiers.
  7. Chris Scoones Administrator

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    Are you really going to continue this rant without putting your name on your posts? Perhaps I was brought up differently, but when at issue with someone I'd usually confront them about it. If I was to take the low road and call a shops approach to task in the way you have, I'd at least put my name to it. Care to?


    Chris Scoones
  8. Trent Ugly member

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    Of course I got a job. How do you think I pay for this here internet thingy;) I'm just giving a different perspective man, that's all. In the same post (I think) that you said I said "I've never been there" was also a part were I stated, "different strokes for different folks" and something along the lines of "if you don't like the store don't shop there. I already stated why I won't, It's in Seattle and I'm up north, way outa way. Just what is the point of bitching about it here? I obvisioully look for different things in a shop than you, or some others. In and out, just like a fast food joint. I actually get really annoyed with over friendly clerks and owners.That's all man, not saying anyone is wrong and I still think you are probably a cool cat with a sense of humor (I mean who else fishes naked).

    Maybe he was rude, maybe he wasn't. Again, I see things through different eyes. Though I will admit I am little bit biased, I naturally think folks from Seattle are over sensitive and whinney (not nearly as bad as folks from New York City though):D

    You going to sing sweet love songs to me and get my heart a flutting and shit:D Or maybe slip something in my drink:eek: Sounds like a cool offer, but I hate Seattle, I don't go anywhere near that place unless I'm forced too. Also, I hate bars, too many drunk people (I don't drink). This is a fishing site, now a fishing trip is much more to my taste.:D

    You all have a good one, I'm off to the Eastern side of the state.
  9. lylelovett666 Active Member

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    I don't see how it makes any difference what my real name is.I've aired a gripe and others have responded.Judging by the many posts that have agreed with me I'm not alone in my view.Others have vehemently disagreed and like Patrick's very much.
  10. Chris Scoones Administrator

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    Speaks to your character.

    The original post aired your gripe. This continued rant is something else. Wan't to continue it, put your name on it. Or I will.

  11. FlyMeARiver Da Mailman! Making sure you get yours!

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    Next time wear clothes and they might invite you back!!
  12. lylelovett666 Active Member

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    I don't think I'm ranting.My first post aired my gripe and the rest of my posts have been in response to what others have posted. Obviously people have strong opinions on the matter.The thread took off.If no one cared the thread would have died and I would have been more than happy to have simply stated my opinion.
  13. kamishak steve Active Member

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    i'm not going to delve into any arguments about the importance of customer service and all that peripheral nonsense. others have beat me to that...

    i will vouch for jimmy's character. when i was a young fly tier with ZERO cash, he gave me a price break on certain items, and even bought some of my hand tied flies for the shop at a price that i now know to be ridiculous just to help me, as a then youngster, get into the sport. i can't imagine any of the other great shops in seattle (creekside, kmanns, avid angler, which all have nice guys working at them and fantastic service) doing something like that to encourage a rookie behind the vice.

    say what you will about his disposition, sometimes he's a bit surly, but i felt the need to vouch for jimmy's intent and character. besides, if you get him started on a topic he's actually interested in, he is a wealth of knowledge. the plus side and down side to jimmy is that i gather he's got enough cash that his fly shop is a hobby, not a business. he doesn't sell people shit they don't need, and doesn't put on a slick exterior just to move product. he keeps it real, and you can take that for whatever it's worth. you may not find exactly what you want, and if you want service with a smile, you can f off, but genuine knowledge and keeping it real is something you wont find just anywhere. my meager two cents...
  14. Mike Etgen Not Quite A Luddite, But Can See One From Here

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    ...Rustically edgy...

    Are you thinking Carl in "Sling Blade" or more along the lines of Boo Radley...? :hmmm:

    Rustically edgy - funny stuff! :thumb:
  15. nickguy New Member

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    Went into Patrick's as a new fly fisherman. Great store and part of the Seattle experience.

    Jimmy does not think customer service involves blowing smoke, or at least not in the vicinity of one's posterior. He has not lied to me. He is an expert and will give you excellent information along with your $30 fly purchase as will his staff.

    If you want consulting from my company on IP networking it will cost $200/hr and if you need hand holding maybe more.

    Not to say that there are not excellent, pleasant people in other shops. Is
    customer service about bland servility or relationships? The latter requires a bit of effort on both sides of the equation.
  16. Big Tuna Member

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    You're right. I think you've gone past rant into whine:thumb:
  17. KerryS Ignored Member

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    I'll do it for half that but if they get butt hurt because I am a bit on the rough side it will cost about the same or more.
  18. Greg Armstrong Active Member

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    Chris is absolutely right. If you're going to characterize a man's business on the internet,good or bad, you really ought to be willing to sign your name onto it. Greg
  19. Grayone Fishin' to the end, Oc.P

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  20. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I feel if all they are going to do is bash a guys business on here they ought to lock this thread up.

    I had a bad experence at a fly shop here in Montana but I'm not going to knock the shop because I've spent many bucks in the shop before this came up. Even shops hire new people but then again nobody knows who is going to tell somebody to go to hell.

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