Pat's Stone & Al's Skwala

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  1. The E.H. website lists Pat's Stone & Al's Skwala as good Yakima winter flies. Anbody have any recipe's and/or photo's of these? Thanks!
  2. Pats Stone is a pretty simple fly. Two tails, two antennae and six legs on the sides made of stretch floss, instead of rubber) of matching color or any color of your choice with a body of chenille. Tyed pretty darn similar to a plain ol rubber legs. I dress them using various amount of weight-some with none for the riffles. About 12 turns of .020 seems the most popular amount of weight.
  3. Thanks Davy. The flows just went through the roof on the Yak so it looks like I'll have some time to tie 'em.:beathead:
  4. Steelie D -

    if you want details on Al's skwala.
    go to Kaufmans in Seattle and
    bribe Bob Aid....... they also
    sell the pat's rubber legs at
    kaufmans, creekside and TEH
  5. If your really cheap just cut open a bungee cord and color with a sharpie for quick and easy rubber legs.
  6. Thanks. I was going to head to Kauffmans today. I'll check on Al's Skwala. I've actually been fishing/tying Pat's Stone... just didn't know that's what it was called.:confused:
  7. If you get a chance or want to fish with a guide in the Henrys Fork / South Fork area, Pat Bennett (Pat) guides through Hyde Outfitters and is a tyer/rep for Solitude Flys. The fly itself, for my wife and I anyway, has caught fish in numbers everywhere we have fished. It, with a dropper of some kind, is truly "the" fly for us no matter what state we are in if we nymph. Infact, if I am nymphing, I would say there is some form of this critter on my line 98% of the time. Has worked well for steelhead too, but I nymph very seldom for them. But in Cali- well, that's kinda how they do it mostly.

    Funny story, last year I was fishing the lower Sac in Cali with Toby Uppinghouse. I put on a #6 Pat's Stone variant, lite brown legs, darkbrown body with one turn of hotpink estaz at the head. I called it the Kali Krawler,LOL. Now, you might know, the lower Sac is generally an eggpattern or micro fly type fishery- sizes 18 or smaller are the norm. Well, first drift below the ramp- bam! 19" rainbow. Toby's remark was he hadn't seen a Sac fish caught on a fly of that size in years if ever. We got 10 or 11 fish that day on the fly, several others on the egg dropped off it
  8. I just started fishing the "Pat's Stone" version of stone fly and it's worked well. I'm pleasantly surprised since it's much quicker and easier to tie than the other stone I've been tying. It still remains to be seen whether it fishes as well as the other pattern, though.

    Does anyone have a picture they can post of Al's Skwala, and possibly a recipe for it?

  9. :ray1: NO FREAKING WAY! sorry but there used to be a day not to long ago when the pat's rubber leg fly was a "guide" fly and now it is mass produced.........:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

  10. Since the fly is now mass produced and you can get it at one of three local fly shops I am guessing that this reply above was a joke.

    So Jason are you gonna give some the details on the pattern?

  11. If Al's Skwala is such a secret pattern, I'm curious why TEH is displaying it so prominently on their site? I guess I figured that putting it out in public like that, it's one they recommend and, probably, sell. Do they have a special relationship with Bob Aid to recommend his fly? I guess I'll have to call Bob and get a winter/spring guided trip to see this fly.

  12. I would think they (TEH) display it because the Yakima has one of the larger Skwala populations of western rivers.

    I also tye Pat's stone type by the 100 or so dzn a year. Somebody is usin em'
  13. A ton of people beat me to it. I sent a PM.
  14. what type size/brand of brown rubber legs are used for Pat's Stonefly? i can't find any them in any of the fly shops around Seattle. i don't really want use any other substitutions.
  15. I use Spirit River Flex-Floss.

    Kaufmans in Bellevue carried it last time I ckecked, but that was a while back.
  16. bingo! :thumb: thanks.
  17. Might be a marketing strategy by the hatch. The only way to find out the many "guide flies" they mention in their reports is to go fishing with one of the guides. Just an idea though, andyways, here is a secret "guide fly" that I invented. Works awesome for the skwala hatch. Ive used it three seasons in a row and knocked 'em dead. Its just a glorified peacock stimulator, but the profile is spectacular and last week when no other skwala pattern was lighting it up this one seemed to do the trick. But don't tell anybody.....j/k

    James' Skwala (Way cooler name than Al's Skwala, hahah!)
    Hook: Tiemco 2312, or whatever Dai Riki's Slightly bent hopper hook is #8-#10
    Thread: Yellow 6/0
    Egg Sack: Black Synthetic Poly Dubbed into a ball and secured on the back of the hook
    Tails: Dark Brown split biots
    Rib: Small Amber wire
    Body Hackle: Olive Dyed Grizz
    Body: Peacock (5 strands twisted togethor)
    Underwing: A few strands of black krystal flash
    Overwing: Dun Dyed Cow Elk
    Thorax Hackle: Black
    Rubber Legs: Olive Barred Montana Fly Co. Legs, medium
    Thorax: Yellow Dubbing

    I will try and post a pic of it later. Turn over an adult and you will see the thorax is Yellow with some black markings, hence the black hackle and yellow dub. This fly got some of the coolest rises last week. You know the ones, where you can see the fish coming up from the bottom in slow motion to take it. Really sweet. Anyways, let me know if you have any ?'s. Also, the materials are listed in the order they should be tied on, i.e. pu the hook in the vice, attach the thread, tie the egg sac on, then the get the pic. Have fun!


    P.S. I am going on Sat. if anyone wants to hit it up. I will just be wading, but it should be really good.
  18. Thanks for the post, James. I recently took home a couple skwala adults to photograph and took note of how yellow the thorax is. Looks like a good pattern.
  19. James,
    Looks like a good pattern to try. Recently, I turned an adult over and it was almost all black with a little yellow in the thorax area. This was on the wet side. Much darker than I expected. However my root beer and chocolate crystal trudes still out fish the peacock ones.

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