Peacock bass fishing in Florida

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Chris Bentsen, May 8, 2014.

  1. Chris Bentsen

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    I was in Florida for a meeting in late April. Last time I was there at the same time was 2010 and I had to drive all the way to Miami to fly fish for peacock bass that year. I got to fish again this year but much further north in Delray Beach since the last big freeze 4 years ago. Fished with the same guide because you need a boat and someone who can spot the fish for you. I caught 30 fish upto 4.5 lb. all on chartreuse, pink or orange clousers on my 6 wt with a floating line. Very technical fishing, have to be able to cast accurately to a small spot under a tree or against a canal wall. Lots of fish, very robust spawners and moving north until the next freeze. Here are some pics. IMGP0609.JPG 018[1].jpg 022[1].jpg IMGP0609.JPG 018[1].jpg 022[1].jpg
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    Any surface action at all? Or don 't they look up? Maybe a different time of the year?

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  3. Chris Bentsen

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    They look up in the fall months. Not easy when fly fishing, requires a long cast and long retrieve to interest in the fly. More people use conventional/spinning tackle with bass plugs.