Pedestal Vise Waste Catcher

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by GAT, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. Here's something I tried to sell to a tying tools and materials companies and never found a buyer. Which is unfortunate because it works great. In fact, when I was attending fly tying demonstration events, I received more positive comments in regards to this devise than I did the patterns I was tying.

    It's easy to make. All you need is a plastic plate and magnets you purchase at a craft store.

    You glue the magnets on the bottom of the plate and they hold the catcher to the metal pedestal directly below the vise jaws. The added advantage of the magnets is that they also attract hooks if you drop them on the plate.

    You can place a paper plate on top of the plastic catcher and toss the paper plate with all the trimmings... this is especially handy at the end of demonstration fly tying.

    If I see this thing offered by vise and/or tying material companies in the future, I'll be pissed. :)


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  2. I really like this idea.

  3. I ran the idea past Dyna King but they said they already had a warehouse full of the waste catchers they already sell. They suggested I build them and market them myself.... that sounded like too much work to me. I just wanted to sell the idea so someone else could mass produce the product.
  4. i use a chinese food take out container

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  5. Thanks! I may just "borrow" this idea. Did you happen to try different types of plastic plate? I.E. the hard vs. more flexible plastic? Just thinking about possible static cling differences.
    My wife is into pottery. Maybe I'll talk her in to making a custom one with a hook and feather pattern around the rim. Make it a little thick and it should be sturdy.
  6. That's a great idea, Gene! I'm gonna try it. Thanks!
  7. I didn't try any other plastic plates than those I obtained when buying micro wave dinners. They are a heavy, thick plastic and I haven't noticed any static... just the magnets attracting the hooks so they are easy to find if I drop one.

    A pottery style would be cool.
  8. Have you tried using the Rare Earth Magnets. They are smaller and much stronger. Although they are more expensive, you could probably get by with just one of the larger magnets.
  9. The ones I use work fine so I haven't tried any others. I don't know the brand. Just something I picked up at the local craft store.

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