Penrose Point possibilities

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jason, May 4, 2005.

  1. Heading over to Penrose Point for some campfire and beer drinking this weekend. What is the overall concensus of this area?
    I have only ever fished the west side of the Narrows in the salt before.
    Will be taking the 6wt with me. ptyd
  2. Without saying to much, I would definitely bring the 6 with me if I were going to Penrose. I’ve already said too much…
  3. Sounds like I might have to swing by the shop to get some info and flies to smash on the rocks. :thumb:
  4. Just dont blame it on the flies this time Jason!! :rofl:
  5. SHhhh :beathead:
  6. I can only speak of the area and not the water. You last shot at picking up beer will be at the grocery store just before the bridge at the town of Home. The Korean owners are very nice and have done as much as they can to have on stock whatever the neighborhood seems to want. Most of the locals are friendly, but the problem they've had with burgleries and other crime have put the nerves on them. Be nice to them, and they'll be nice to you.

    At Penrose, there is a fee, so be sure to bring some extra cash.

    Good Luck!
  7. We are camping there so the fee is whatever they are charging for our great state parks this year.

    As for the Store, thanks for the info. I am sure we will stop by to stock up. Just as long as its not an Anheiser Bucsh product.
  8. I think you will be in luck--especially these days! :thumb:
  9. Good deal, thanks.

    Report on Store and fishing to follow.
    Unless it pours down rain we will be there.
  10. I made sure they (Home Country Store) were stocked up well on animal beer for the nice weekend. And thank you again for not purchasing and Anheiser Busch product :beer2:

    Hope the fishing is good....I know I'll be out there......

  11. forgive my ignorance, but it looks like I missed an inside story; what's going on with "Anheiser Busch product", and why shouldn't I buy if I've a stomach for the same?
  12. Personal preference is all Saltdog, I can't stand Bud, Budlite, etc.
  13. that all; well vote with your taste buds. This is the golden age for beer makers, and most every community has a micro brewery with a local genius for making beer of excellent and sometimes outstanding quality. Maybe even in the Penrose area? :beer1: Enjoy your weekend trip!

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