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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jason, May 9, 2005.

  1. Jason

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    Well, only got to go out for a couple hours Saturday afternoon after some clam digging and eating.

    Weather was great, light clouds and 60. Hit the water towards the end of the low tide and finsihed right at the slack.
    Fished off of the dock and the little point out towards the marina.
    I didn't catch anything and my brother caught several small silvers and a cutt I believe.

    The fly of the day was a white clouser minnow.

    Don't change flies on this dock! It is a grated decking, which doesn't like flies being dropped.
  2. Teeg Stouffer

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    Thanks for the report, I was hoping you'd post one after asking about the area before. Sorry that the fishing wasn't terrific for you guys.

    I fished an area not terribly far from there on Sunday. Grey and light rain (one heavier shower) most of the day, I like that kind of weather for searuns. The searuns did not seem to agree though. Last time I fished this spot, it was very good. The structure was such that I thought, "I could come back here any time, and bank on catching fish." Not so, at least yesterday. Between three of us, one 12" SRC to boat between 3:30 - 7:30.

    What did surprise me was that there were a LOT of perch around. (Lots of bait around, too, either smolts or something else close to the surface, small.) Anybody have any thoughts on the relationship of perch to SRC? Like, if there are big SRC around, there might not be perch, or at least for long, as they'd get chased off / eaten?

    Another thing - since it was slow going for searuns and the perch kept chasing my 3" clouser, I switched to a variety of smaller flies, but they wouldn't hit them. However, they'd always peck at my bigger fly, and I managed to hook one through the bottom jaw. These guys were maybe 3" - 5" long. Anybody have any thoughts on good patterns for perch?

    Saw lots of seals, one that was really splashing loudly - when we first got there, in the distance, it splashed two times and sent HUGE plumes of water up into the air, I wondered if it was a whale at first, but as we got closer, we saw it was a seal either playing or wrestling with something. When we oared in, it followed our boat, popping up every so often about 30' behind us.
  3. I agree with the sudden drop in cutthroat activity in South Sound. It was salt-chuck bonanza through April and then the cutthroat smolts, hatchery smolts and chum fry arrived and the cutts were gone. It's kinda weird.

    Teeg- did you try to skate a dry fly, like an elk hair caddis for the little perch ? I have been able to catch the surf perch with that.
    Perch go through some weird annual cycle where they are either gone, or in relly deep water until about May and then peak in abundance in estuaries in June. After that the actually give birth to live fish and their abundance decreases over the summer again. Next year the same thing again.
  4. ibn

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    I've caught them on bh hares ears and other small nymphs (perch that is).
  5. I have to say I've had the same results lately with the sea runs. Good fishing for most of April, then this month quieting down. The last two times out I caught some nice coho in the areas where the sea runs had been playing earlier, but now the cutts just haven't been as inclined to show up on the end of my line. Oddly, I've seen the chum fry and the perch, too. I'll have to try some more research this week.

  6. salt dog

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    Florian, very interesting info on the perch; I had no idea their life cycle was so exotic, but my personal observations are consistent with that. The fish are feisty, though small this time of year, but very brightly colored.

    Teeg, Saturday the perch was all I could land. They will pick up the fly in their small mouths then quickly let go, but might pick it up again. Unless you strip set at the right time you will miss them. Using a small (1 inch) weighted chartreuse over white fly with a slender profile, I picked up quite a few of the perch; use short strips (6"), pulling sharply on the short strips, with a pause between strips, which increases the odds that you will strip while its in the mouth. At least that did it for me.

    It was amusing and technically kept me from getting skunked, but I was using the same fly and retrieve for these little punks when I twice got heavy hits from something else, one of which gave me a couple of good runs before breaking off. No idea what else was down there, but for a minute it was real interesting. I have caught large sea perch, and it fought kind of like one of those guys; lots of head shaking and short fast runs back and forth. Didn't feel like a flounder or sculpin.

    I agree with Sterling, I think I will need to do more research, but I'll wait until we have an early morning in-coming tide.
  7. Jason

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    Oh and beer of choice was Metolious Hare's Ear Hef for me and Fire Station #5 for my brother. The ladies stuck to Margaritas and wine.
  8. salt dog

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    Talk about needing to do more research: "Metolious Hare's Ear Hef", now that's a new one on me, with a name that grabs your attention.
  9. Jason

    Jason Trout Bum

    Metolius is a Micro Brew well named after the Metolius River in Oregon.
    Sold at Albertson's.