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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Kent Lufkin, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Yep mine went out this morning. I fished on Saturday...don't get too excited, I got cold, wet, and skunked. So I tried to mail them out yesterday but the line at the post office was waaayyy to long for my patience!!!

    You should get them in the next day or so. I try and post a picture of them.

  2. Mine are done and they'll hit the mail Wed or Thursday.
  3. I got Christian's gorgeous Prince nymphs in today's mail. The updated list of flies received now includes 8 of the 10 participants:
    Christian Brewer
    Marc Chapman
    Mike Doughty
    Kent Lufkin
    Stewart Maxson
    Steve Mooney
    Richard Olmstead
    Jason Roeds​
    As soon as I receive Steeli's and Mozart's we're ready to swap.

    Thanks everybody.

  4. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
    You are way too kind Kent! I personally thought they looked like me they were a little inconsistant in the bodies. That was my first attempt at tying Prince Nymph's, let alone anything that small...Granted I tied quite few incorrectly for "practice". It took me a few flies to figure out a method for the tail biots, for me those were the hardest part of the tie???

    I have mainly been consentrating all of my tying efforts on steelhead related flies...Sid Glasso style stuff, speys/dees, mixing marabou, marrying the wings, etc. So it was a nice change to tie the trout flies on a smaller scale than I'm used to.

    But for me, that is why I enjoy these swaps. I learn so much with all of that forced practice!

  5. As a reminder, I'll take and post pics of everybody's entries to the gallery.

  6. Flies are going in the mail today. I've added return Priority postage inside the bubble envelope with my return address. I'll staple the envelope so all you have to do is use the self adhesive on the envelope (Remove strip)
  7. I got steeli's and mozart's flies in today's mail so all ten tyers are accounted for AND we got 'em all in nearly three weeks ahead of the the original deadline.

    I'll make toe tags for mine and Mike's today, get 'em tagged, separated and ready for the mail on Monday.

    Thanks everybody!

  8. Hooray! I can't wait. It will feel like trout season is just around the corner.

    Thanks for the effort, Kent and all.

  9. It's felt like trout season for the last several weeks as the envelopes with people's flies have slowly piled up. I just tagged mine so they're all ready to be divided. These are some really nice trout flies - I'm ready to fish 'em right now.

  10. So Kent, were you laughing as you opened mine? Probably thinking "A four year old must have tied these".
  11. Not at all! Tying in those antenna would have tried my patience though.

  12. The flies have been divided up, sealed in your envelopes or boxes and ready for me to take to the PO tomorrow. I've also shot each fly and posted the images to the Gallery under the Fly Swap heading. Since there's not a category yet for 2008 swaps, I guess Chris will build the appropriate folders and put the images in it shortly. In the meantime, you can see the photos at the bottom of the swap first page. If you've got a minute, perhaps you could post your recipe in the comments section below your fly.

    Here's a shot of the separated flies ready to be packed up into everybody's box.


    I hope you guys are as excited to see and fish these flies as I am. Thanks again to all for joining and helping to make this one of the most successful swaps I've yet hosted. And thanks too to all who sent an extra fly or two for me. I can't wait to fish 'em!

  13. I'm excited. Thinking about doing your other swap as well. Thanks for hosting this Kent!
  14. Those are some nice looking flies. I can't wait to see them up close. Kent, thanks for hosting this. :thumb:
  15. Nicely done, Kent. This was my first fly swap, and it was very enjoyable. I'm really excited to get out and try these new patterns, too!
  16. Received the flies today and I must say, I'm very impressed by the talent you guys possess. All of the flies are beautifully done. They are almost too perfect!
  17. My flies were in the mail when I got home. Thanks a lot, Kent and all of you. They are all beautiful and creative ties. Some of these are definitely going to end up in my fly tying repertoire, for sure.

    This was my first swap and won't be my last. Actually, Kent has already made sure of that, by luring me with another good trout fly swap. I see some others among you are there, too.

  18. I agree with Chris and Dick - great flies, great swap. Thanks everyone!
  19. recieved mine today. thanks kent for hosting and nice job everyone
  20. Got mine today. Thank you very much gentlemen. Those are some really nice flies.

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