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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Steve Knapp, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. I'm looking to upgrade my pontoon so I can take my dog, a golden, with me on floats. My first choice right now is a watermaster kodiak. It looks big enough for her to sit on the back, and being frameless/packable fits my lifestyle well. Am I on the right track? Anybody have experience good or bad? Other options I'm overlooking?

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  2. Monty, my 85 pound labradoodle doesn't much care for riding on the back of my WM Kodiak. The flexible deck seems to make him feel less secure, although not nearly as nervous as the time he hitched a ride on the back of my Super Fat Cat.


    I've got a hybrid pontoon that's a combination of a Scadden Skykomish Sunrise frame with Maxxon tubes in either 9' single chamber or 10' double chamber tubes. The dog is a bit more comfy on the Scadden aluminum deck but downright happy on the larger (about 3-1/2' x 2-1/2') deck I made from a Yakima rooftop rack and a 5mm Sintra deck with anti-skid tape.

  3. Great dog. What kind of beer is that?
  4. Thanks! What beer?!

  5. A leesh and little flippers, et voila, no need to row!
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  6. I take my German Shepherd mix on the back of my Watermaster Kodiak all the time. He weighs about 75 pounds and doesn't have a problem on it at all. He'll usually just curl up on the back section, which easily offers enough support. I've only had him fall off once, and I was able to quickly pull him back in...but one of the doggie vests with a really solid handle on the top might be a worthwhile investment for you depending on what you like to row and your level of comfort. We've done a lot of miles together...including quite a few runs down almost every stretch of the Sol Duc and he really seems to enjoy the ride.

    In fact, I once loaded up two, (long story) dogs on the back of my Watermaster...including mine (75 pounds) and another (100 pounds) and floated the canyon stretch of the Klickitat from Leidel to Slide without any problem...a little cramped but we made it work. I wouldn't recommend that, but it worked in a bind!

  7. Going on 11 years, you go we go
  8. Hahaha, great pictures guys, I'll be posting some of my own during this falls steelhead season. That answered all of my questions, and a float jacket for the dog will happen, thanks for the advice. At least I can rule out the float tube Kent, thanks!

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  9. Steve, you could also make a U-shaped carpeted plywood platform to go on top of the tubes. Cut some slots/holes for cam straps next to the D rings and it would be very sturdy. It would give the dog more room and a solid platform and would give you space to put dry bags under the platform.
  10. Great idea, I'll have to think about that.

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  11. I bought a pram & a very stable kayak primarily so I could take Hank with me. He hates water, so I still go solo, lol. Apart from that, he's still the best dog with whom I've ever shared a life. When I'm floating, Hank is manning the bridge on my bed watching the world go by out of the window. He's good with that.
  12. Best thread ever!
  13. I don't think this pup well have a problem with water, I had her on the Satsops at 10 weeks, saw her first cutthroat at 12, and she's already spent three 10 hour days on a large boat... the problem I had today was keeping her from swimming through the spots I was trying to find cutts hiding in. It seems an airborne fly line is very similar to a tennis ball! I've got some training ahead of me!

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  14. I have a 2 man raft that I modified for fishing by adding a rigid floor with outdoor carpeting on it. Really adds a lot to the overall stability. Took the pup out for the 1st time recently and he did great. My new fishin' buddy, Rosco. IMG_0007.JPG
  15. Awesome, how old is he? Great looking pup!

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  16. My 80# golden did amazing in the Outcast OSG Commander and my old Watermaster. The commander tracked much better with a big dog in the back though. And it handles bigger water better. Good luck!

  17. That would be my one minor complaint with the Watermaster...with zero rocker and the somewhat blunt front end it can be a little slow...friends in pontoons will literally blow me away while I toodle along, especially with a load.

    Watermaster also appears to have an upgraded seat option...which would be worth seriously considering if you go that route. As far as big water goes...I've never had any concerns with it in that realm.
  18. Last year when I was in BC I rowed my buddies Grizzly around, and it definitely felt slow as hell. Until I saw the assaults I figured I'd deal with it. The assaults look faster and able to carry more gear. Just as compact too. So many good options out there. I've got to contact Scadden, heard their build times can be long. Hoping I find what I need second hand before I've got to go that route.

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  19. I have the assault XX. on a lake I can row or kick with fins two people (total) and my 65lb dog. with winds over ~20mph it does get to be a bit of work. My dog can fit behind me or up on the bow. photo1.jpg photo7.jpg
  20. That's awesome, and exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for confirming what I'm looking for

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