PFD: Ticket or No Ticket

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by guest, Mar 6, 2002.

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    I am planning on spending the a great deal of time over the other side of the mountain this summer. I had heard a story about a guy who got a ticket for no Personal Flotation Device while he was tubing. I have decided to air on the side of safety and join the ranks of those who use PFD's in their kickboats. What brand do you recommend, what style. I have been considering the air charged style, however I don't wear a vest, I wear a chestpack whenever necesarry. I have seen the one you strap around your waist, but am concerned about comfort while spending hours on end in a tube? Give me some input. :COOK
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    You know. I asked the same question and I got no answers. I also would like to know as I plan on using a pontoon boat more this year. I never used one in the past but now I think I will. Jim
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    It is my impression that float tubes, and certainly pontoon boats qualify as "craft" and that you are required to have an approved PFD on board. I don't know that you're required to wear it. I have heard that the infaltable back rests on some tubes qualify, but I don't know about that. Obviously, it's a good idea to have something with you, especially since you're wearing waders (otherwise known as sea-anchors once they fillup).
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    When I bought my tube I also got an approved PFD . I have since seen the S.O.S. suspenders with self inflating and auto inflating. Iwould not want the auto inflating on when in a tube.The sensor might get wet enough to inflate. that would be my luck. The self inflating is(I beleive) coast gaurd approved. It can be seen in Cabella's catalog.With pontoon boats I have seen guys put white water pfd on hte seat back. Hope this helps a little

    Al The fly rod from Jersey :THUMBSUP
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    Call me crazy, but if you are in a float "tube", what good is a PFD? If the tube rolls, a PFD will cause you to get stuck underneath. Different story for pontoon and U-boats.

    I have a U-tube and have never had a problem regarding PFD issues, although everyone I fish with has a high-back model. I will recommend anyone visiting new waters in Eastern Washington to follow all applicable laws. I've run across several "officials" from the WDFW and local law enforcement that will issue tickets minor or implied infractions... even if the legal basis is somewhat hazy.
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    I just purchased a float tube for this spring. I also shopped around for a PFD. I finally settled on a manual (activated) self-inflating PFD from Sterns. It is basically like the SOSpenders self-inflating PFDs, but doesn't have the automatic inflation device when submerged.

    If you fall in, pull the cord and presto, your wearing a life jacket. It will block access to your vest pockets, but float tubes have so many pockets and D-rings on them that you shouldn't need to wear your vest anyway. You could probably wear a small chest pack though.

    Good luck,

    Sasha Alessi
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    i have talked to the people at the mad fly fisherman in fedral way the said they have sos suspendres i now have a set thy are allmost like my coat i have a light coat that has the pfd it will go auto or manual i have had it go off on manual oce when i fell ib the river it still will go off if it gets wet like submugerd
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    I think if your in a boat (any boat) there has to be floatation devices on board. last year at sekiu a game warden stopped me and my freind fishing and followed us back to olsens because we didn't have any, we rented life jackets. then let us go back fishing. I had an accident 3 years ago (drinking was a factor) but I was in the water and my boat was in gear doing circles around. 50 ft in front of me. it threw me and kept going but being under the influence I had a hard time chasing the boat. my arms were getting real tired I was an inch from drowing. if I had a life jacket on I would have not almost died. not to mention I was dragging a 2 year old girl with me. I have life jackets now. Ben
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    It seems pretty clear that there is some confession on whether or not its required to have one on our pontoon boat and float tubes. Regardless of what the law is you should have one! I carry one on my pontoon boat but don't on my float tube, shame on me. :TSKTSK It is of the high back style with three seperate chambers but I'm not so sure it even matters. I have been looking at buying one of the inflatable type. The waist belt is small and it doesn't have to be worn all the time just onboard.
    Jim J.