Pflueger Medalist; What to look for...

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    I have a Medalist 1498 that Harry Lemire gave me, and he had stripped the paint from the outside if the frame. It does look pretty nice that way. Someday I'll have to take it the rest of the way and made it totally nude. Looks nice Preston!

  2. David Loy Senior Moment

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    That does look cool Preston.
    A few years ago when I got interested and acquired some 6 & 7wt Fenwicks, I wanted a matching reel. So without a ton of research I found & bought an Akron 1495 70's vintage Medalist. As if on cue, a week later my father (cleaning out his shop) found and gave me a matching one. Neither are collectors items but they are as solid as new and I've put the onepfoot clutch in each of them for left hand wind. I also picked up a 1494 but haven't really assigned it to any rod yet. May not.
    Fenwicks and Pfluegers were made for each other.
  3. Steve Kokita FISHON206

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    Pfenwicks and Pfluegers is what you mean.....right David? I started 48 years ago with a 1494, now I have several with my favorite being a 1494 from the 30's that's a click & pawl reel. Fish it on bamboo! See you whenever the gathering is.
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  4. Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

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    I have a 1496 1/2 (same as a 1498) on my 11 1/2 ft 6/7. I have also used a 1498 on a 14 foot spey. With Skagit heads they work fine. How often do fish go deep into backing anyhow?

    Go Sox,
  5. Chris Johnson Member: Native Fish Society

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    I have a 1496 1/2 as well, I use it on my 12'6" 8wt for winter fish. I think the 961/2's are a little thinner & lighter than the 98's