Pheasant-A basic recipe

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  1. Here is a basic recipe that has served me well for upland birds. In this case Hen Pheasant from a canned hunt

    First find yourself some birds. A four legged friend is always welcome to assist

  2. Clean, quarter and soak in some salt water

    Dice up carrots, celery, onions, potatoes, mushroom, hot sauce of choice, green peas and saute in butter and olive oil white wine chinc2.jpg
  3. Quarter birds dredge in flour, salt, pepper, paprika and brown in oil

    let cool and dice into smaller pieces

    chinc3.jpg chinc4.jpg chinc4.jpg chinc5.jpg chinc7.jpg
  4. Add to sauted veggies and add 1 cup dry white wine, can of mushroom soup and put in a pot and cook for 2 to 3 hours in oven or crock pot

    Open up a bottle of wine, tie some flies, read a book, call an old friend and pet the dog and wait for the final product. A perfect lazy Sunday afternoon recipe.

    I served with black rice ( found at Costco) because could not find wild rice and a favorite wine chinc8.jpg
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  5. Damn Tom, that's got my mouth watering...nice job. How's that Viz doing?
  6. Whooee, Tom; send that in to Cooking Wild magazine!!!

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