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Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Tracy Lauricella, Feb 14, 2010.

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    I have been getting more and more frustrated lately trying to take pictures of the flies I've tied. It got to the point where I pretty much just stopped taking pictures of them. I played around with different lighting, different exposure settings on the camera, etc, but the end result was almost always washed-out colors.

    As a Valentine's gift from my wife, she gave me a product called "Photo Studio in a Box" from American Recorder. It consists of a pop-up diffuser box, two daylight CF lamps on tripods, and a small camera tripod.

    It made a huge difference. I ended up taking a bunch of pictures of stuff I've tied recently.

    Take a look at my set on Flickr. All the ones at the end with the bright blue backgrounds are the ones taken with the new mini-studio setup, and the ones prior to the new setup are at the beginning of the set. It should be pretty easy to see the difference:
  2. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    TMIB, sweet photos. I am not much of a photographer but the difference is very noticable. Maybe I should find myself a photo studio in a box.
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    Nice photos and flies!

    I never tried to potograph my flies until recently. I quickly found out the lighting was key. I assembled a simple set up using some flexible neck desk lamps (the cheap ones for a studnet desk) and some 100W equivalent florescent bulbs along with some of those foam poster board pieces as a back drop. Not as nice as your set up but it seems to work. In experimenting with my carmera (a simple point and shoot) I took several shoots that were very good for my purposes. Another excellent tool I found for adjusting photos is Google Picasa. Check it out! You can vary the background intensity to make the fly look its best.

    Dr Bob
  4. Tracy Lauricella Active Member

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    I just started tying back in October, so I'm still a bit rough. I'm really enjoying it though.

    I'm using my wife's little digital camera. Two nice features are the macro setting and the image stabilization. It makes taking fly pics pretty easy once it's set right.
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    I particularly like the Salmon/Steelhead/SRC fly box shot with the flies. ;-)
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    wow.. nice photostream on Flickr. I wish I had 1/16th of your skills.
  7. Mark Walker Active Member

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    Very nicely done!