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  1. I just started a fly tying page on my site. The first content I put up there is a reworked and re-photographed article that ran in Fly Tyer in 2000. It will take you through the construction and use of a lighting apparatus I call the Fly Studio. It's a very easy way to take high quality macro shots with a single light source.
    Fly Studio pages

    Have Fun
  2. This was great, gave me some great ideas, when I build my own. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Thanks Paul, excellent post. I have taken some close ups of wild flowers I have been very pleased with. My attempts at photographing flies have all disappointed me. Your directions and pics were tremendous. I'm going to give this a try.

    Is your light a spotlight or a floodlight? Do you have a favorite color or two for the background? What's the distance from the light to the cylinder? What's the distance from the back of the cylinder to the background? It appears in one of your pics that the background is constructed at a 90 degree angle not just on one plane. Is that correct? Would a 60 watt light in a desk lamp (closer to the cylinder) work? What is your light mounted in?
  4. Mr. P

    I'm using a 120wt flood about 16 inches above. The background distance andangle can be varied to change it's exposure value. Much of the key in allthisis to give some working room around the studio for the mirrors and for changing flies. The light needs to be far enough away to give good working angles for the mirrors. Right now I'm enjoying working with a silver background (used in most of the shots).

    Have fun
  5. Paul, I'm intrigued by your use of the 'electrical clip' instead of a vice in your second-generation cylinder. I've seen it in other photos but never knew the name for it. I checked wiht my local Radio Shack in Redmond yesterday but alas they didn't have any and had never heard of one. Any suggestions for alternate sources?


  6. I believe the people who use them for electronic purposes refer to them as IC clips. I have never been able to find them at the three Radio Shack stores near my home or where I work. I have purchased them for some time at Pringle Electronics in Everett. They are manufactured by Philmore and are called Test Clips by the manufacturer. If you can't find them at an electronics specialty store near your home Kent, PM me and I'll get you some and mail them to you.
  7. They also make for great hackle pliers if you get the nice ones.

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