Photos from Alaska

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by Salmo Trutta, Sep 16, 2008.

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    Can you right click on the red x box and click on show picture? If not, sounds like your firewall settings won't allow certain media to be accessed.
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    Thanks Gripguru, I tried that. I do think it is a firewall issue since I am at work. Still working on other options though. I will see these even if I have to head to the library or something :). I love AK!
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    OK, now I am one of the cool kids and can see all the pics. Must have been a firewall issue at work.
    Amazing pics Salmo. What a great trip. I spent a week on a river on Kodiak and never saw another person other than they guys with me. Bears every day VERY close. However we never saw a single bow even close to the size of yours. I know it is because of where you were at, but I am still blown away by every one of those pics. Each one is a trophy in my book and you were catching those on a daily basis.
    Thanks for sharing.
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    By the way, any bear pics?
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    wow. just wow.
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    I have some video of Saw with cabs and a few males. They are typically in 500-900 lb range in that past of Alaska with an occasional 1000+ lb.
    I had twice bear walking within 40' to my tent during night, along river and gravel bar.

    As for rainbows the very common size is in 18-23', with good number of 25-26' and time to time 26-30". All of them very fat in August/September. There are lots of salmons ( chums, kings and later silvers) running to the river proving enormous amount of food for the resident fish.
    Chum's run alone is in 500k-700k on average with 20-25k of Kings and probably 100k+ of silvers in single mid-size river.
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    After catching all those big bows, how could ya ever come back to any thing else.
    Thanks for sharing those great pics.
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    look at those fish and look at the #'s of salmon providing food for that watershed, and you can see why the concept of escapement (getting just enough salmon through to maintain the run) is so horrible. Our rivers are meant to be glutted with salmon carcasses. It supports the whole biosystem. Just meeting escapment slowly starves the biosystem. Look around and you can see it. :beathead: