PHWFF at the Hoh Down March 20th and 21st

Discussion in 'Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. Sounds like we're going to have a few soldiers at the Hoh Down this year. Chuck is planning on bringing a few. So we may need boats for 1, maybe 2 soldiers (Chuck will have his boat, and I'll have mine). So, anyone who is planning to be there and would be willing to donate a seat to one of our soldiers, please let me know. :) As of right now, looks like it'll be the last weekend of the trip. :)
  2. I'll be bringing one that just arrived home from a year in Iraq on tour #2. He's quite excited to be getting in to this whole fly fishing thing!
  3. I'll have you guys in my boat most of the week Evan. Saturday I'll have to keep a seat open for one of the guys from our unit. :) But you two will be the guests of honor in my boat!
  4. It's so very much appreciated! He's very excited
  5. Evan, does he have a rod to use? I'll have rods with me, he can use one of mine if he likes. :)
  6. I should have an extra setup as well Jerry. Possibly two. Unfortunately I'm rolling with just the WM's, no DBoat.
  7. I too will likely have an extra setup. As of tomorrow the parts for making my big boy cataraft a three seater should be in hand. A few days of tinkering and I should have it all ready. Pretty sure Rob Ast will be up front, but the back so far is empty. The real question is who the hell would want to ride with me anyway?
  8. I've lived pretty much a full life already, I would ride with you.
  9. Brave and foolish man. Look forward to seeing you out there!
  10. he does have an 8wt with a full floater that i'll probably set up with a *gasp* nymph setup for him. I may or may not be able to have an extra setup with sink tips, depends on if things work out.
  11. I'm not sure what we'll need in way of rods or boats. We may be fine with mine, Chucks, and Alex Macdonalds. But I don't have a finalized list of guys yet. But I'll know more by next week. :)
  12. I'm leaving in an hour. I have a drift boat and extra rods, I have an empty seat if needed.


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