Pickled Fish

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    As a Swede-Finn I grew up eating Pickled Herring which I still love.

    Has anyone tried Pickling Stocker trout, probably a lot more work to remove all the bones.

    Got a bucket full of shad once and once salted and pickled put Herring to shame.

    Still have my Dads recipe from the old country, it's similar to Tasco Wine Herring Fillets but with a little more Clove taste.

    TIA Daryle
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  2. zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

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    I've done pickled trout and pickled salmon but didn't care for the taste. My ethnic background is more towards potatoes and sauerkraut than pickled fish. It may be an acquired taste as my fishing buddies really liked the trout and salmon.
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    Daryle- Paul Dieter had a buddy that showed to the pink smoked salmon tasting event last year that did an awesome pickled pink. Pink's are pretty soft, like most stocker trout so I'd give it a whirl.

    If you feel like it, post up your old mans pickling recipe.
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    I grew up eating pickled squaw fish. I hated just killing them for no reason other than to not throw them back, so when I caught more than I needed to bait my crawdad traps with, I took the rest home and mom pickled them. I been told they tasted a lot like pickled Herring.