Picnic Point Report/Warning

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Matthew Gulbranson, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. Nothing biting at Picnic this evening, but there were at least 10-15 vehicle windows that had been smashed in the parking lot. The piles of glass were everywhere. It happened earlier today, so be careful when parking there and don't leave anything of value in your car!
  2. Yeah, I've seen a fair share of glass in the parking lot there before. Hopefully you were not a victim! That's some pretty weak sauce!!!
  3. Thanks for the warning, I WAS thinking of hitting it up tomorrow morning.
  4. i was their and their was nothing. i started hedding back right after the were broken into. and i counted ten cars. ill be out again tommorow. and i think i saw you out their today(yesterday) ben. i think it was you because it looks like the exact same little puppy u had out their.

  5. thanks for the heads up! i've been there several times in the last week and haven't seen anything like that happen, but i'll definitely be cautious and not leave anything in the car. possibly leave a window cracked just to keep them safe :thumb:

    and i haven't caught anything either
  6. Does anyone know if an AR-15 with collapsible stock will fit in a Simms back pack?
  7. It will - but will also be showing....much better fit is a Colt .45ACP or .44 Special pistol. :eek:

    Even better is acquiring the wisdom to know when to use any weapon....as in, "In defense of your or someone else's life" is a defendable action in court. Taking or attempting to "take-a-life" in defense of "property" is not defensible in court....usually. Extenuating circumstances may prevail as in the case of your home or dwelling in which you are reasonably fearful that another person/s is a threat to you or others lives. (As if fear is ever reasonable!) :ray1:

    The above is NOT quotable "Law" but a laymans understanding of the law and therefore doesn't mean shit - make yer choices....accept the conseqences!

    Jc :hmmm:
  8. no but it will in an orivs safe passage backpack
  9. I think you may have misunderstood me, I merely want to have my M4 with me to quickly and humanely dispatch any Pinks I catch! I also find the buzzbombers give you a little more space on the beach.

    I fully understand the implications of applying deadly force. There's nothing in my car worth escalating a confrontation to this level. I'd say your "layman's understanding" is spot on. Having said there's nothing in my car worth the consequences that would result from a shooting.

    Does Simms or Patagonia make a mag holder that's both waterproof and IDPA legal?
  10. Yeah, Arthur, that was me and the puppy. I was actually wondering if that was you out there. I didn't stay too long b/c my dog has not been doing well fishing with me. He has been constantly whining and even howling (you may have heard him if the wind wasn't blocking the noise). Man, I feel like a jerk that I didn't come over, introduce myself and say hello. But I guess I left in time not to have my car broken into, though!
  11. Hey it's an open carry state... who cares about putting it in a pack! Just sling it over your shoulder and you should be good...
  12. it's alright ben. I was gonna walk down and say hi but as I started coming overthe hill I saw u leaving. And I thought your puppy was so funny. He was just sitting in the water and whining. But it was good to leave when u did other wise u would probably had been broken into. Well anyways everybody, went out today again to picnic point and caught a couple of 12inch bullhead. Did see one fish caught a little 3lber. And isn't humpy hollow at picnic point?I just want to know because people keep saying they r catching tons their but I don't see any at picnic point

  13. HH is north of PP and out beyond where you can cast.
  14. i don't understand how that many cars could get broken into there like that. i can't even change my pants in the parking lot without 8 people walking by, let alone imagine someone trying to break 10 windows without being seen. i've always thought it was a high enough traffic area that things would be relatively safe there
  15. so are you saying i need a boat to get to humpy hollow? and the guys just wait until nobody is their. and if i were one of the sheriffs down their, id put in a camera or a rigged car.

  16. That's what I was thinking Evan. I'm thinking they have someone down at the beach with a phone or something. Maybe even another up the road a bit. Could be done fast with a few people busting windows. Seems like a lot for just one person.

    I like the idea of a camera or a rigged car. Something nice a shiny with something irresistible sitting on the front seat with a cop around the corner. But that will never happen.
  17. well hopefully the police are aware of the issue. it might put a kink in my next few weeks' plans if this becomes an ongoing problem
  18. I'll still be there. I'm not going to let a couple crack head ruin my party. At least that's my story right now.
  19. i agree with matthew! i dont mind much if they break the windows on my bike! i know somebody that can replace them for cheep. ;)

  20. Damn!

    I've been there for the past couple of weeks and haven't noticed anything unusual.

    I'll definitely be more aware of who's walking around like they don't belong there.

    If you ever notice anything strange about a person it's always a good idea to ask them

    "how's the fishing" and if they act unusual you know they're up to something....

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