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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Matthew Gulbranson, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. My car was broken into last Sept at noon on a Sunday. I was out of the car 10mins max and returned to find a window smashed. The Snoho County sheriff knows this a problem but has too few patrol folks. What ya gonna do?
  2. Come to think of it, I wonder if it's a local nearby.
    I noticed a gentleman Sunday evening walking around acting kind of strange near the entrance. He then turned around and walked back up the hill. I really didn't think anything of it until now.
  3. Humpy Hollow is in between the Edmonds and Mukiteo Ferry and about 200 yards out. It is the best place to go and a total anti secret. If you bucktail at the right time you can nab the occasional silver as well :beer2:
  4. a .45 will, but I'm quite partial to my Bushy M-Forgery myself. If they ever have a special drawing for dirt-bag tags, I'm putting-in!
  5. thought (tho I live too far east) . . . Platoon . . . some fish, one watches, change hourly.
  6. So, if you're not going to leave any valuables in your rig & you leave it unlocked, maybe a window down to make it really obvious...
    Do you stick your registration and other personal info in your pocket, rather than leaving it in an unlocked vehicle, or am I just being paranoid?
  7. very scientific. maybe we should create a safety word instead. i spend most of my time looking lost and if you confront me after ive blown the fish whistle i will probably raise a few red flags. :confused:
  8. Sean, at least while you're fishing or around water you at least look legit. Even when I'm fully geared up and casting away I still look like a suspicious skeezeball.
  9. As I was pulling in there last night, a patrol car was pulling out. Seems like at least for the time being, they are aware of the problem. We'll see how long that lasts though.

    Fishing was very bullheadish. Saw more surface action then I've seen in a while there but no grabs.
  10. Saw a dude walking out of Wal-Mart strapped with a pistol. Had a bag full of groceries, 3 year old kid and a hand gun.

    Just don't pull a Plaxico Buress and shoot yourself in your own leg.
  11. Come to think of it...When I left PP that afternoon when the cars got broken into, as I was driving up the hill about 50 yds. from the gate, I saw some guy standing just off of the shoulder, acting a bit weird. I thought that maybe he was waiting to take piss, but I couldn't figure out why he didn't then just walk into the brush a ways and let 'er rip. Maybe he was involved, cuz it sounds like the windows were all broken not long after I left. Maybe I'll take after Arthur and roll up with pedal-power:thumb:
  12. well went out again today and got skunked!!!! didnt even catch a dang bullhead! did see some fry or bait fish jumping right as my fly snapped off and my leader got all tangled form my eagerness. by the time i tied on a new leader and fly all the little fishies were gone. but i did find a buzz bomber. and idk if this is legal or not, but over the past 2 days ive been trying to restore the creek were it leads out of the forest and onto the beach. pople threw in logs and dammed it up so kids could play in it. but i carried all the huge logs out my self except one. i also created a little bridge and dug out some gravel so the water could flow through more. so i would sum it up to a couple of pretty good days!

    its fun to ride down the hill. but the bad part is riding back up! also trying to cary your waders and wading boots, rods, reels, and other geer makes it a reel pain in the butt!

  13. Unfortunately Arthur, I don't believe there is any law preventing people from damning creeks like that. If there is, I'm unaware. Good for you for taking the the time to tidy up a bit around you're favorite hole to better the habitat. As a frequenter, I know I appreciate it.
  14. Sean:
    If I see you with your gear heading back to the car with "the lost look" i've been around long enough to know that you probably had a tough day on the water..

    And i'd still ask you how the fishing is...
  15. Funny you mentioned that.

    A couple of years ago my son and I were out on North creek in Mill Creek letting the dog splash around in the creek while we waded around and watched.
    Standing in the water I noticed what looked like the remnants of someones mini dam, some very small stones placed at an angle in the water.
    So reverting back to my childhood days creating dams in small creeks with rocks I decided to move some around when all of a sudden I hear someone yelling at me from behind up on a trail bordering the creek asking what I was doing.

    I turn around to see two guys standing there looking like they were about to read me the riot act :ray1: when one of them says that "I could get fined for obstructing the creeks flow".
    "Just moving some rocks around could get me fined?" I replied.
    "Yup". Was his reply.

    It so happens that we were behind the WDFW office, so it must have been someone who works there and knew what they were talking about.

    It was a lesson learned for my son and I.
  16. There is a sign at a state park that I frequent. The sign says that building rock dams makes artificial channels and confuses spawning fish and doing so is illegal. I think there is an RCW listed on the bottom of the sign, but I'm not sure.
  17. Well there you go... Good lesson to be learned for sure. Even as kids, we tend to instinctually have a knack for screwing up the natural order of things, just to see if we can out compete it. I don't know about the rest of you, but my damns never worked how I envisioned they would.
  18. well im glad i can be of help. i just hope noboidy ruins it again. i undamed it tuesday but when i cam back today it was damned again! hope som sheriif or something does something about it

  19. I hate those little dams. If you want a pool to swim in then go to the damn lake.
  20. Ahhhh, sorry Mike....NOW I understand....same reason I carry....purely for humane reasons!!

    Don't know....ZipLock Freezer bags work real good tho...a little clumsy is all...if yer ina hurry!


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