Picnic Point Report/Warning

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Matthew Gulbranson, Aug 3, 2009.

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    Hi All,

    I may have met some of you down on the beach or in the parking lot at Picnic Point. I caught and released a fat little SRC last Sunday on a pink rolled muddler. I have been out just about every evening for the past few days(sporting a Nike cap), but no pinks yet.

    I spoke with the Assistant Park Ranger on Tuesday regarding the car break-ins. He is interested in some of your observations, as they contemplate setting up a bait car in the parking lot. I believe he said there had already been about 45 break-ins(this season/year?)

    When 10 or 12 cars were hit at one time, I told him that they must be using spotters fore and aft. Your comments about someone with a cell phone near the bridge, and someone just up the road seem to make sense in this case. On Sunday evening(the night before the 12 car break-in) another fisherman reported not wanting to leave his vehicle due to three suspicious looking guys with near-shaved heads lurking in and around the parking lot.

    The Ranger also told me they even broke into a car when his patrol vehicle was in the parking lot, while he was checking out the beach for just a few minutes.

    Anyway, his name is Jeff Hall. He is the Assistant Ranger for Snohomish Co Parks Region 2(or L, can't make out his note). A Park contact number published on the web is 425-388-6600. He gave me his cell number, but not sure it would be a good idea to post it.

    Fishing here will be much more relaxing, if they can get these guys. Seems like most people are becoming more complacent regarding this type of crime.

    Good Fishing,
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    I've stated, implied, intimated, recommended and suggested this same thing at several different times in different threads for some time now - always with O (zero) response.

    As this "pandemic" worsens it may become a more viable option than expecting LE to provide a solution......:ray1:

    Jc :eek:
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    I'm down for this if I can make it happen amongst my siting potential wedding venues, work during the week and everything else life throws my way. Maybe next Wednesday? I may or may not have the day off of work.