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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Matt Burke, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. Well I don't know if I'll make it out there as I hate to fish in crowds. I'm a lone type fly fisherman that likes a little bit of company. Not a crowd.

  2. If you don't mind me asking, where is that?

  3. I would say the Puget Sound

    Love the camo-rod...dipped in kelp....Is that the secret?

    looks like you had a blast...You did look like your were dressed for winter....early AM fishing uh?

  4. Sorry. You see all those guys out there? They would beat me to a bloody pulp.
  5. Hey Jim,
    That's not a crowd that's a group!

    Lots of room for everyone and plenty of action to go around too. I've got to say this years pink run in the salt has been the best time I've had fishing in a long, long time.

    It's great watching the sun rise each morning, bs'n with the guys and sight fishing to those fish is awesome.

    I'm already for Monday right now.

  6. Matt talked me into it. See you there monday morning even if it rains. Is 0600 ok. or do I have to be there at 0530. Or is it "oh my god it isn't even light yet" time. :rofl:

  7. I would have to agree. For the last few weeks I have been going 3 or 4 times a week in the morning before work and doing awesome. Can't get enough :thumb:
  8. OK...I'm inspired now...I'm heading out tomorrow...was thinking of the Sky but I'll give the Salt the Go. Gear is all loaded up in the truck and I'm just counting the minutes.
  9. OK I was there today (see pictures above) there a little after 6:00...there was like 30 people there already (mix of fly and gear) saw several pinks landed early. There was a big sea lion hanging out about 200 - 250 feet in front of us. Most action seemed south of the creek. Nada for me but a few kelp weeds. I was amazed at the number of boats out there stretched all the way North. A lot of people knocked off around 8:00 including me. Thinking of heading there again this evening if I can get my Honey do list done.
  10. Matt, who are the guys video? I saw you making it, but didn't realize it was you. I didn't recognize you without your big stick chucking the fly accross the sound....

    I was fishing next to those 2. At first, I got squeezed out by the buzz bomber guy. Nice guy, but I just moved down to give us both a little more room. Then one guys moves in between us into 'my' honey 'slot'. (I know, this is beach\combat fishing, so I was fine with it). Then his buddy joins them. Then they start hooking fish. This just happens to be the same time my fly was caught in a wind knot and riding backwards. I kept missing fish after fish while they hauled them in. DOH! Anyway, I was just wondering who they were as they looked familiar...
  11. That was Maui Jim and me laughing in the message to MacRowdy. I meant to have backyard do it, but he kept releasing his fish before I could get to him the day before.
  12. Chad,

    Sorry, that was my newbie buddy... we should have introduced ourselves, we got caught up in the combat fishing vibe out there. Another friend and I were "discovered" the pinks two weeks ago when no one else knew about it, kinda crazy to see so many guys out there these days. I saw you hooked up earlier, I hope you were still able to get into some fish. Were you out today at all?
  13. Unknown oldtimers, Humph! Hell, at 65 I'm the youngster in the group. From left to right: John Thompson, Les Johnson, Bob Young and myself. I don't know what time you left but things slowed down dramatically after we arrived. Bob Young took one about 9:00 but there were very few fish within casting distance after the sun got well up.
  14. I thought that was you guys. That's why I took your photos and hoped you'd comment. I just stood there in amazement watching you guys cast. What an honor.
  15. Yeah, I fished near those 'old timers' for a little while. I thought the guy who brought his own casting platform was pretty clever. Looked like there were having a good time, but I never noticed any fish caught. It was clear when they showed up that they were the local salt water fly fishing legends - then I heard one announce that Preston had showed up and confirmed it.

    MauiJim - I wasn't complaining. Everyone on the beach was having a good time and being courteous. I should have introduced myself. I probably won't be back until Monday.
  16. I thought i saw backyard in there, looks like a riot, tobad im stuck on the otherside. Maybe next weekend.

  17. Yes, 'yard was there the day before. Those pics are from 2 different mornings.
  18. The milk bottle rack/casting platform was a standard item in the Seattle Saltwater Fly Fishing Club repertoire (along with the Rubbermaid dishpan stripping basket) from its inception. So far as I know, Bob Young is the only charter member still using one (hmm, maybe Jim Koolick too). I never used one because I find that I tend to put a little too much body into my double haul and had a tendency to throw myself off the damned thing.

  19. You want a weekday not a weekend for this place....Unless you like BIG pink spoons.

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