Pics plus message for MacRowdy

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Matt Burke, Aug 26, 2005.

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    I liked the milk jug (or whatever kind of jug) that was used to float the rope. I can only imagine the first time someone tried to pick one up after the tide rose on them and it was 3 feet under ;)
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    Went out this morning, nothing going on today at all so left around 6:30AM. Drove out to the Sky back behind the prison, oh excuse me, the reformatory it was total bubba-ville even with the water so low but didn't see any real action going on there either.

    I'm sticking to the salt till we get a good rain.

  3. Guillaume New Member

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    What difference does it make to share a bit of knowledge with newcomers? I caught 2 fish out of 10 Thu. morning at Picnic Point and I am more than happy to share that. So what if a few more people show up? Aren't we supposed to communicate our passion? :confused: Oh well, we can still talk about the weather, gear and all.
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    Consider yourself lucky, Guillaume. With all the talk of secret spots and secret lists and, well, secrets... All the good ol boys are right there in line with everyone else. What else could you want? That *must* be the place to be ;) (not meaning to offend anyone)
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    When Livetofish posted on this thread, I said that but I also PM'd him and let him know where it was. I don't mind helping out the new guys at all. It's the 5000 other people scouting this site for hottest places to fish that I'm trying to avoid. Anyone that PM's me will get a helpful response back and there were several.

    The run will die very soon, if it hasn't already. We get any rain, it will be history in the Sound. There will be even larger hordes of people on the lower river.
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    Fair enough Matt. That was a very decent thing to do. Btw are you guys seeing a lot of game wardens this year? I haven't seen one so far. Boy are they missing on opportunities. I've never seen so many snaggers :mad: