Pictures of gear caught fish?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Clint F, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. No it actually isn't! If you really believe that than why fly fish at all?

    Do you really think there is no difference between fly fishing and gear fishing simply because nobody can nail down exactly what it is? There definitely is a difference, that is why YOU are here!

    This is not true at all.

    Gear pics on this forum are downright STUPID. :beathead:

    If you guys want to "share" (brag) about your gear caught fish than go to Piscatorial Pursuits and look at Stam's gallery. Than you will realize how stupid you look. Good gear fishermen like Stam catch more steelhead in a season than most fly guys catch in a lifetime. In fact his gallery shows 20 pounder after 20 pounder, it is insane. If you want to do that than go right ahead but it isn't the same and it isn't fly fishing.
  2. I am all catch and release for wild fish, but have been known to keep some hatchery fish since that is what they are for. I am beginning to really not like gear guys as you can tell. Here are my reasons. I think it is safe to say a lot of them snag fish illegaly. A lot being somewhere around 30%. Second, a lot of gear guys kill native steelhead (those who fish for them). Yes it is legal on some rivers to take one a year. But there is no reason for it, that is why we have hatchery fish. One of the catch reports on an OP river was 32 or 36 wild steelhead and only 8 released. That one a year adds up. And that was in one day. Just a few more reasons I dont like gear pics on a fly fishing website. Let me hear some more comments, and bash me if you wish.

  3. I knew I liked you. :beer2:
    Sorry David, I have to agree with him.

  4. Jason, I have seen Stam's gallery. It is indeed damn impressive as are many photos on Piscatorial Pursuits. However you cant use just one person to describe the success of all steelhead fisherman who use gear. That would be like comparing me to Jim Teeney or many other experiance steelhead fly fisherman even on this site. Stam and others on PP know what they are doing and are good at it, case closed. Dont think for a second that gear fisherman dont work hard for fish.
    Do fly fisherman work harder, they can if they want or they can peg beads or tie on a glue egg with splitshot. Ive walked miles upon miles of river this year fishing steelhead with a gear set ups and fly rods and have been rewarded with a hook up or two if Im lucky. It all depends on one's knowledge of fishing for steelhead.

    Im not saying lets open up gear fishing a lot more into this forum but 1 pic of a gear caught fish out of 150 fly caught fish isnt gonna kill you and if it does....then dont look at it.

  5. 1. you may be correct if you frequent fall salmon meat fisheries, but you are completely off in regards to most avid steelheaders who actually know what the hell they are doing on the river.:thumb:

  6. This post is down right fuckin retarded. Who are you to statistically say that gear fisherman are snaggers and kill wild fish. I can be a gear fisherman when it comes to steelhead and salmon and have you seen me bonking wild steelhead or any native fish period? I cant even begin to explain how many guys would be offended by such as dumb statement. Wasnt it a spey fisherman who just bonked the 30lber on the Hoh, guy gears alright. I could go on much more but Im not even going to waste my time.
  7. I think it is safe to say gear guys are more after bragging rights while fly fishermen are after personal fulfillment. SP? My comparison for most gear guys is like high school girls, it about who looks the best and who is the coolest. While fly fishermen could really care less about it.

    I like hearing all your oppinions. For the records I am talking in general. Salmon steelhead everything.


  8. man, that's hilarious!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

    oh, thank God the Forum is back up!
  9. I still think there is plenty of bragging and rediculous fish posing on this site as any other steelhead site.
  10. I would rather see a picture of a nice native steel caught and released by a gear fisherman instead of half of the pictures posted on this site!
  11. Dead horse.
  12. I have some better ones but they arnt appropriate and if my dad (checks out the site) saw them I would have been screwed. I am also glad the forum is back up see what it did to me when it was down. Reminded me how dumb most gear guys are.:rofl::rofl::rofl::beer2:

  13. "gear guys are like high school girls, it abouts who looks the best and who is the coolest." Are you serious? So thats why its usually the fly guys I see wearing the Simms waders with $600 Sage rods and $70 lines. Im out there for the same reason as you Clint, to enjoy my time and the water and chase fish. You can assume whatever the hell you want as long as it makes you feel better then maybe thats best as you obviously dont know your facts. If you think I bush beat my way through the OP just to find a small piece of unmolested steelhead water to "get bragging rights" than that just shows your lack of knowledge.
  14. WOW, you sure got defensive. Makes me wonder. :p:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  15. I would venture to guess that Clint is olde school guys. Lay off him (not that I agree with him about all that).

    Part of what he says was true 10 years ago. Nowadays it seems the fly fishing logic has been derailed and now fly fishermen are more like gear fishermen than gear fishermen are.

    Oh fuck what have I typed. Oh well. *reaches for enter key*
  16. go have another shot of whiskey and call it a night:beer1:
  17. Just remember to step off your high horse before you hit the river next time. Im done arguing, this topic is like beating a dead horse. Everyone has their own opinions and thats that. Now just if everyday was this active. :rofl:
  18. Good night everyone. Jake just making sure you read my posts right I think I said "most" in front of everything bad I said about gear guys. Did you think I was talking about you?

  19. I think the point is MOST fisherman in general arent bad apples just as MOST fly fishermen arent snooty/jackasses but the FEW fishermen whether conventional or fly give the group as a WHOLE a bad name.
  20. Knickers in a twist, knickers in a twist...holy crap everyone has their damn knickers in a twist.

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