Pike Fly - 2nd Try

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  1. This is a fly I came up with after fishing a lake for Pike that is stocked with Rainbows. It has taken a year to get down, as the Pike fishery is only about a month or two in the Spring and one month in the Fall. I am finally happy with it and it works! I also think it would be a great pattern in Cali where those pig Largies feed on stockers. Overall length is 6"+.

    Thoughts and comments please!





    Sorry the pics aren't great, simple point and shoot.
  2. Looks great! Man, I tried a bunch of different patterns for pike in NW Montana a few weeks back, but couldn't get any takes on the fly. I used a red/white daredevil to locate fish & they were really active, but I got no love on the fly.
    I tried deep w/ a full sink, (clouser, ugly buggers, a few salt water patterns) & I tried a popper too. What type of retrieve do you use?

  3. Proof it works, lol!


    The retrieve is pretty consistant. The water is murky at this lake so I do not want to move the fly too fast. I usually use 8"-12" strips and I mix up the cadence such as: strip, strip, pause.....strip, pause.....strip, strip, strip.....strip, pause.....etc. I vary the number of strips but the pause is usually only about 3 seconds. Most of the strikes are as I begin pausing again. Only a couple of times have I been slammed, usually, it is like a Bass sucking in a crayfish pattern or Trout taking a nymph.....you pull, you feel dead weight and the line comes tight. Time to set! I have a few other things that I am working on as well. If you'd like, feel free to PM me about Pike/Muskie!
  4. Sweet looking fly and nice "proof fish". I gotta try pike one day.
  5. Thanks for the hints on the retrieve. I will give it another shot next time I get back to "Montucky". The water will be cooling off quickly, so might have to wait until next spring/summer.

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