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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Blue, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. This is my 2013 Assault.


    The FRAMELESS pontoons do pose a problem on where to mount things due to the oars.
    I added Scotty glue ons which allow me to use Scotty fly rod holders, Scotty Anchor, or the Scotty Camera mount.

    I got the NFO Apron and added a little more velcro so it wraps around the toons


    I used Dog clips on the motor mount for quick connections



    I used a 3" Nylon strap with quick clip for the Transducer


    Use a Wing Nut so easy to raise and lower then tighten


    I mounted a Ram ball mount to a piece of plywood which is the length of my side bag plus velcro on the bottom to hold it in place


    Then I use a 4" Ram Mount to the ball mount on the Sonar screen.


    I topped it all off with the Ultra Light Oars:


    And the Omega Flip Fins

  2. Geez, Blue. Where's the sink?

    Nice job.
  3. Isn't going to sound right, but, between my legs?! LOL
  4. Does the Weiner dog come with it?
  5. Nice job. What kind of adhesive did you use for the Scotty mounts?
  6. Really awesome job, Blue. I forwarded to 2 of my friends, one with an Assault and one with an Assault XX. How good is the glued on Scotty concept? And, have you ever attached additional D ring patches.

  7. I attached the two front D rings. I have the Scotty glue ons on my Renegade and my X5 and the X5 is 3 years old. They hold great. I am using the two part Sta-Bond to glue them. Scuff them up, put the mixed glue on both the pad and the boat...wait 10 or so minutes (tacky) then be exact when placing. No second chance.

    My Assault being a 2013 had no front rings and watching the video,the one Dave is using doesn't either. Makes them easier to fold small. I found this to be true with my Renegade, so, when adding extras, be sure it will not effect the roll up.
    I found also, flipping the Assault over and folding the sides in across the bottom of the boat, I can fold it easily and small for the rolling duffle.

    Thanks all. That Apron is going to really come in handy. The Wiener only gets to come if the battery stays on shore (on the Assault at any rate, all other boats are his)
  8. If you rigged a treadmill you could ditch the battery and bring the Weiner

  9. Absolutely..plus a great workout. I could dig that.
  10. Nice job pimping the raft, doesn't look like you forgot anything!

    I just cracked open a can of Sta-bond to glue some d-rings on a raft. I have extra left over and it is going to go bad soon so I would be happy to send it to anyone in need for a few bucks.
  11. Hey, I see some blue areas there where you can still add more stuff!

    Wow, that is truly "pimping" your ride. I suspect you keep this always rigged up and on trailer, right, as it seems like it would take a while to assemble and rig!
  12. Just two rod holders, sonar and a motor.
    No I sore it in the duffle bag. I timed it yesterday walking from Garage to back yard. In the bag is seat, apron, Life jacket and foot bar. In another bag is fins and oars. Then just side bags with the sonar IN one, motor mount (with quick clips) motor and Battery (with quick clips).
    With carrying about 50 feet, inflating, attaching it took me about 15 minutes. Now stringing up three rods and putting flies took almost as long...LOL
    Now the X5 I prefer to leave on a trailer.

  13. Oh and using the glue on over the strap on rod holders saves a lot of time.
  14. Well, Mr. Aubrey beat me to it with the question about the sink, but I also note you don't have a wet bar or built-in humidor, what gives?
  15. Blue, awesome! I fancy myself a creative rigger of stuff but I"m a pawn in your world!

    Alex, the wet bar is right next to the sink near where the fins will be as she fin kicks effortlessly holding a line while allowing her hands to be free of oars and fishing.

  16. Ed you turned me on to the glue ons. Coolest thing since peanut butter.
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  17. Gotta say, Ed; my Alaskan 15=footer isn't tricked out like this Scadden!! I feel like I'm missing the boat here-literally! Ah well, the day is yet young, and I need to sally forth to Hooked on Toys in Wenatchee for some herring (going salmon fishing with a friend this afternoon). Who knows what I'll find in the depths of that store!
  18. What in the heck!?!?!??!?!?

    That is the wildest thing I've ever seen....BUT......I'd just buy a small pram, driftboat, or V boat and just trick it out the same. Toss it on a trailer and away you go. Can launch by yourself, it's ready to go 24/7, and will definitely have a longer life (well, if you get a decent glass or aluminum version). Trust me, I had some pretty big dreams of tricking out a whitewater grade cataraft. Including a removable Jet motor, trolling motor, etc, etc etc. After I started thinking about it, my small V hull I had fit the same bill for all the waters I wanted to do the modifications for. That included some smaller lakes I would've had to drag the boat into.

    Will say though, it does look bad ass. Now, if it was camo (like military style), it would look like you were ready to invade a small country with the thing. ;)
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  19. But I have a small deep V Aluminum boat. You are right, ready 24/7 and easy to launch.
    This one allows me to use my feet, a little bit of cardiovascular exercise. Can set up and launch myself
    and fits in my car

  20. except for the kitchen sink..... god damn, but very kick ass

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