Pink Fly Progress for the Fishy Chicks

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Ed Call, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. My girls are continuing to blow me away by their interest in tying flies. Seeing a photo I printed from the Improved Pink Pattern. They like pink. I tied up a few, so did they. Here are theirs:

    The bead chain eyes should be light enough that the hook point on the long streamers should ride point down. If it flips, we'll tie them clouser style next time.

    O's flies include the black bugger.
    View attachment 42806

    S's flies included the olive bugger
    View attachment 42807

    While I instructed and helped out a very little bit, I loaded the fly boxes for our upcoming Yakima River adventure. They had a blast, I made some progress and we beat the inside rainy day blues!
  2. Will they be out slaying pinkage soon, or are they just keen on the tying?
  3. If I can find a suitable boat we'll be out and they'll be fishing in the salt. If not, I'll be bringing them to float an S river for some cutties and pinks. They will be fishing a bit this weekend as we take a pilgrimage to the Yakima. They are already talking a bit of trash to each other about who'll catch more and the largest fish.
  4. Very nice work Mumbles's girls!
  5. Well done Ed and daughters.
  6. Awesome Ed! I'll take a dozen of each! You should bring a vise or two this weekend; I'll throw my travel bag in the rig too. Then again, I am not sure I want to be shown up by a 1st and 3rd grader, LOL. Your little fishy chicks rock!
  7. Freestone, I've got enough crap to pack and haul over there. I'll be bringing two, maybe three boats, various oars, fins and who knows what the heck else. I'm gonna pass on fly tying sessions if you don't mind. I'd rather put that time into a late afternoon/evening float...maybe while the girls are in the pool. They are glad we are going to be at the place with the pool becasue they want to be on the river, but not as much or as long as I want to be on the river.

    Josh, they are not trying to show you up. They are trying to show you the way. They listen well and are keenly interested. We tied up some poppers too. They will catch fish for sure.
  8. I can just see this coming to ''girls may I come fishing too? I'did tye enough flies for myself too'' Will there be enough room for Us all? I suppose I have to row because the boy friends want to fish'' Good lluck ED
  9. Ed--

    There is always room for "fishy chicks" in my boat...maybe even room for Dad...
  10. Mumblettes Rule!
  11. Dave, I'm looking for a slightly larger salt water boat. My 14' livingston is a bit crowded with the girls and crab traps on the run in and out. Suggestions? I know you know what I need to know.
  12. Make you a sweet deal on this, Mumbles. Perfect for what you're looking for.:thumb:
    Of course, you'll just have to come pick it up.:)
  13. Ed--
    We all have different expectations for our water craft. That being said, over the years, I've had three different LUND boats...The current one is a 16' skiff with a 25 hp... It does everything I want a boat to do--from SRC's in 3 ft of water, to bass on Banks, to trolling on American, to salmon off Sekiu...

    What ever you choose, I highly recommend aluminum rather than fiberglass...much more forgiving of those periodic encounters with "big rocks"!

    Check Craig's List...there seems to be some good stuff showing up there.


    P.S.--sounds like the weekend on the Yak was a success!! No bug spray though...that's rookie!!
  14. Dave, it was not required to have bug spray. I was covered! I was the lucky one. Mosquitos on the Yakima in summer? I've never seen them.

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