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  1. :thumb: for the Salt Dog. iagree You also have to consider tide and wind when fishing the salt. Six weight is a bit light unless you plan on playing the fish to death and then if you can't release the fish they're so built up with lactic acid that you may as well make fertilizer of them. Get serious about conservation and use a heavier rod. It will save a fish to spawn or taste better if you harvest it.
  2. I used to fish a 6wt for salt pinks, but now with all the increased boats and fisherman in the last few years fishing the popular areas it's a pain in the %&$*. I went to the 8wt. otherwise you are going to wrap a few anchors and lines and you will spend less time bulldogging when you have fish around you begging to take the fly again.
  3. Picked up 4 off 3-Tree Sunday AM
  4. Picked up 4 off W. Island today with a = pink fly (sshhhh)
  5. Forgive some ignorance, but I hear a lot about 3-tree, and have no idea where it is. For the sake of following the pink reports, would someone mind telling me at least what marine area that is?
  6. Google Three Trees Point and it will show you a map. It's in West Seattle , south of Alki Point. Good luck and if you get them please post your report.
  7. It's actually in Burien....on google maps it's the point that's pointing to Vashon Island
  8. We went for a drive on Saturday to Hoodport and did not see a lot of fish.
    We were there from 9:00AM till 2Pm and not much other than a small school that came in and few people hooked into.
    More boaters than shore fisherman.

    The kings and Pinks should be in this weekend with good number.

    The Indians supposedly netted around 50 fish on Thursday.
  9. keep in mind that the they (the skokomish) are netting on tuesday's and thursday' hoodsport leaving absolutely nothing to cast to except oysters..........
  10. they are starting to show up in the North and Central sound creel checks, so they are starting to come around...
  11. The truth is that fish started showing on Sunday south of three tree. Not big numbers but the wife and I found fish where the was no sigh of them a few days before. I caught 1 silver and another close to the boat that looked pinky and a few more good hits. I don't want to be the one who throws the flag down and say game on, but for me it is. We were not fly fishing. My guess is that in a week or so should be good for fly's.
  12. Pinks are like clockwork.... in two weeks we'll be consistently catching them, in three weeks they'll be in thick, and by the end of September we'll be sick of them :). Patience kids, we'll get there when we get there.
  13. Short recons yesterday and this mornin ygielded no sign of fish yet but they will come. I still think Aug 1st is the target date for them to start into the lower Sound areas. Patience and persistence are the key words right now.
  14. Caught off Vashon this am, about to hit the bbq!

    Clouser with hot pink rabbit zonker over marabou

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  15. I just put a new fish finder in my whaler, so I got up at 5am this morning to do a little pink scouting in MA11. I launched at Redondo, and cruised the shoreline up to Fauntleroy, I crossed over to Vashon and went all the way south to Point Dalco. I caught several nice cutthroat, but no signs of pinks. As I headed back to redondo I found a school of fish in Dumas bay that were porpoising. I got in front of them and made several cast but was not able to hookup. I still think we're a week or two away from good numbers.

    Cass - That's a resident coho, you wont find any pinks with a clipped fin. :)
  16. Ahh...that would explain the good fight! I think I had pinks on the brain
  17. ever better dude!
  18. For sure! Been hunting an adult coho on the fly for some time now, wasn't even in my head that I might finally run in to one :D
  19. No adipose fin in view?


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