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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by hawaiianflyfisher, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. PT

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    Anything that floats.... and runs.... is GOOD!

    I'll have some open seats during the peak of the run. Maybe some of us could put together a floatilla.
  2. Evan Burck

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    Question for everyone:

    My buddy went to Dash Point state park today to do a little recon. A park worker of some sort stopped him and told him that he was not allowed to fish on park grounds, and that he must go down to the fishing pier.

    To me, this sounds like bullshit. I've fished there many times in the past, as well as several other state parks. Anyone know what's up with this, or does she just not know what the hell she's talking about?
  3. JayB

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    That would be extremely odd given that they list "Fishing: Saltwater" as one of the activities available in the park on the official Dash Point State Park page at the WSP's website.

    Might be worth printing out a copy to show the said employee(s). Point&subject=all

    Might be worth an e-mail if someone can spare the time/energy.
  4. JayB

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  5. PT

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    EB, sounds like BS. But, maybe it's private property? If not, a person should be able to wander/fish from the beach.
  6. Roger Stephens

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    Thanks for the heads up report! Sounds encouraging so next wed.(8/3) I am going to be checking out some spots based on the 7/29 reports.

  7. constructeur

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  8. Steve Saville

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    Could have been the fact that there were about 200 kids there including my two, enjoying the skimboarding. Sometimes it can be dangerous but there's plenty of beach on either side of the Park property to fish, including my beach between there and the pier. It does sound like someone blowing smoke, however.
  9. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    He was actually attempting to take his Kayak down there. She told him that even on the kayak he was "on state park property and couldn't fish." I told him to go back and go anyway. Not like calling enforcement would cause any problems for him.
  10. Matthew Gulbranson

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    Evan, that does sound like a load. I have never been at a state park and had someone tell me that I couldn't fish there. I'm sure they were just 'inconveniencing' the other park visitors. And if he was taking his kayak down there, that's even worse. Where does it say you can't launch a boat from the park??? That would piss me off if it was me. I would ask for some explanation from said park person, and then go fish!
  11. yellowlab

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    That's BS as I've rolled my pram onto that beach and fished with no issues. In fact I plan to do that next week.
  12. Swoff

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    Question for everyone with boats. I've been away from fishing for quite a while and just getting back into it now that my daughter has moved out and on to college. I've seen a number of posts where guys (like you PT above) have offered an extra seat for someone that wants to go fishing with them. My father in law has owned a nice antique wooden boat for a long time and I know the expense he puts into maintenance as well as fuel just to go out.

    So the question is this: What do you all consider proper etiquette when taking someone up on such an offer? Is there gas money involved or anything else? I'm just curious in case it ever works out that I could say "Heck ya".....I wouldn't want to offend someone and would like to do them right. As boat owners, what would you like to see from a passenger?

  13. Chris Bellows

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    i always pay for gas and any other daily costs (launch fees, etc). the boat owner shouldn't even have to ask. i try to bring all the fishing gear i might need so i'm mooching gear (bait, leaders, flies, etc) as little as possible.
  14. Steve Saville

    Steve Saville Active Member

    When I "invite" someone out on my boat, I assume the costs of gas and fees. It's always nice if that person chips in but I never expect it if the invitation is from me. That's just the way I am. It's sort of like asking your girlfriend out to dinner and then paying the bill. Now if someone says, "can I go out on your boat with you?", then I would assume they expect to at least split the costs of the gas and fees. I also expect them to bring their own gear. If I invite, then I make sure there is enough gear for both of us whether they bring their own or not. I invited my daughter's boyfriend last weekend and we lost a downrigger ball, snubber and gear on a rock or something. I assumed the cost since it was my invitation.
  15. Jordan Simpson

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    When someone is kind enough to invite me out, I always try to pay for as much as I can. A lot of times the invitee has the attitude of the above poster, where they assume all costs because they invited me, but the way I see it is that if they let me go out with them, I will try to cover as much as possible. This includes lunch, fees, gas, and anything else that I can.
  16. knotabassturd

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    Dash has a few fish showing. I've seen 3 come in off the pier watching for about an hour over a 2 day span (just going down to check things out). Still spotty though. Today there were guys fishing in the salt wading (not just pier). The state park area (away from pier) had a couple guys wading and fishing. Of course you should be able to fish there, always could before. They were all gear guys though out today.
  17. Steve Saville

    Steve Saville Active Member

    Not all. I was at Dash Point for a couple of hours as were two other flyfishers. We all left relatively early, however.
  18. knotabassturd

    knotabassturd New Member

    Ah, I was there right around low tide approx 11:00 AM or so. Let the little one play on the swing and run around a little :) So was near pier. I saw a couple guys wading out toward state park but didn't look like they were swinging fly lines ( admittedly a bit hard to tell at that distance but the body language didn't looke like flyfishing).
  19. Blktailhunter

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    Nothing at PNP today.
  20. Go Fish

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