Pink Recon

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by hawaiianflyfisher, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Que!?

  2. Good job! You earned them.
  3. :hmmm:Nice job T-rageous. You spend the
    time and you are
    get your ass back to the dry side
    and give some reports. :hmmm:

  4. No big deal I have a hard time hearing also... so how was it when you guys went down to the next point.
  5. Good job Eric, persistence pays off!
  6. We wound up coming back because there was nothing going down at Dumas Bay. You guys were gone when we got back but that's when Evan hooked into his fish. It was pretty good sized and I imagine would have gone 7-8 pounds.
  7. dumas was saladriffic
  8. The front end of this run seems to be a bit larger in size so far this year
  9. I was just trying to decide between the 6 or the 7wt for tomorrow morning, think I'll go with the 7wt after these reports.. If anyone else is at 'pointless' beach tomorrow AM, say hello!
  10. Evan, was unsure of the truth to your tale until Mr. Seville chimed in. My hat is off to you man, you got that single hander figured out?

    Troutrageous, nice pair!
  11. If only I didn't have to come in to work a few hours early tomorrow. I'd hope over and join ya. Hope you slay em!
  12. Nick, sorry to break it to you, but you are not looking all that well. I think you should rest up with a long reaching fly rod in the morning and work after that.
  13. If only, Ed. If only. As it was it was sheer torture to tear myself away from the lake with Ira today.

    If I was working my normal swing shift it wouldn't be a problem to get out, but I have to go in at noon tomorrow for some training so that cuts way down on my available time. Oh well, I can't complain as at least I have steady employment. Plenty aren't that lucky.
  14. I call bullshit. You need to be on the beach by Five and off by Eight, eat breakfast, socialize with the family, post a report for the WFF membership then roll to work.
  15. Mumbles has it figured out.. that's pretty much my plan too.
    I work today at 11:00!
  16. Getting there. 2yrs of not really fishing a single hander(at least in situations where I have to cast more than 20 feet) really didn't help me. I put the rio grand on it yesterday instead of that outbound short, and that made a world of difference.
  17. Flogged water this morning in area 8-2 from 0630-1000 and caught 4 bull heads and one rock fish. Did not even see a salmon roll or jump. No signs of pinks yet :(
  18. I bought a Sage Z-Axis 697 which is the 9'6" six weight. I bought it primarily for lake fishing but it's also perfect for SRC's. It has a fighting butt which should be on all rods. I order to get the fighting butt I had to buy the 4 piece model so for convenience I only break in down into main 2 pieces and carry it in a rod and reel case. I love it! I would marry it if could.
  19. one Skagit river guide is getting them.
  20. Hit the beach this afternoon and fished the incoming tide until dusk. Certainly was a beautiful evening. No pinks to hand, although another fly angler said his friend had picked one up earlier in the day. A single bullhead kept the total skunk off.

    I purchased one of the Orvis stripping baskets today and introduced myself to Leland. My integrated head line casting is slowly improving, and with the basket I was amazed how much of that Airflo 40+ line can be launched with just a bit of a tail wind. My lesson learned for the day was that "less means more". Less force; better timing, let the rod do the work. Less casting; roll cast to get the head back out, then make just one cast. The results were more distance and more fishing time with the fly swimming.

    Don't you just love that rebound bump when you unexpectedly shoot more line than what you have in the basket? Learning. Thanks for the tips guys!

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