Pink Reports as of 7/20

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by South Sound, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. Very few fish at Hoodsport. A few guys for the weekend looking around but not much action.
  2. Banzai FFing and VWs...Bugs & Bugs

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    7/21 Hoodsport-- :) went out this AM 0700 on the ebb and managed to hook and LDR a couple of pinks.
    Gear: 13 ft spey rod 8/9, 8 wt intermediate line, pink hair and pearl crystalflash clouser with dumbell eyes.
    :mad: however; the presence of three adult males and a young teen males snagging fish from a boat was too much! They were barely 50 feet off the beach and tossing large spoons with large treble hooks almost to my feet the ripping them back through the schools. Sheesh! Lost my cool and yelled at the one guy as he hauled his fish in hanging by its tail from the spoon "yer not gonna keep that tail-snagged fish are ya?"... he ignored me, natch, but he and the others in the boat kept lookig over their shoulders the whole time. Ticks me off to see poachers teaching the young to the same. I called the WDFW Poacher Hotline and reported them. I hope they get caught. They were still there when I left at 1130. But on a lighter note, The Dad and his two sons that were chucking gear fron the beach next to me are to be commended for their observation of the the regs and fishing courtesy. The boys carefully unhooking and releasing any foul hooked fish.
    OK venting is over.
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    Hooked about a cajilion pinks this morning about a mile and a half off wadah. Everyone else I talked to just hit silvers, but they were fishing inshore of me.
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    Uncle Jimmy, I hope you sent them lost little doggies this way, to arrive no later than 8/1/05.