Pink Rubber Worms

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by bennysbuddy, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. bennysbuddy

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    I'll have one all rigged up at the fly swap on 12/04/2010, we can meet discreately in the back parking lot for the transfer of ownership.
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  3. Dustin Bise

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    says the guy with 3... u must not understand the internet very well...

    no offense to mr mumbles here, but 10k posts is not very much in the world of forums. yes its alot for here, but ive seen users other places with 500,000 posts. its easy to type and hit quick reply
  4. bennysbuddy

    bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

    It's not the amout that counts, It's the content!
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    Why, thank you, sir.
  6. Salmo_g

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    Threads like this demonstrate that there really hasn't been a large increase in the number of fly fishermen. That number remains about the same. The big increase is in the number of "faux" fly fishermen, for whom "whatever" is their basic philosophy about life.

  7. Ed Call

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    I really could give two shits how anyone views my attempts at angling or the manner/frequency with which I type a few letters and hit post reply. Do you care how anyone perceives either of those activities when you do them?
  8. StillyD

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    Why yes I do, and I personally believe the vast majority of people that believe otherwise are fooling themselves. Of course who that anyone is plays a vital role in how much I care.
  9. Dustin Bise

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    look thats important but hulu us frozen!
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    Yeah, what eev-vaa
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    Salmo_g, you are cool, brilliant, well versed on the history of fly fishing and very judgemental in your determination of what is fly fishing and what is not. The definition is pretty general and many will push the boundaries, induce their philosophies or what have you. In the end it is not for you to determine if I or another is a fly fisherman, but our determination of what we are ouselves. Feel free to call me a boundary bluring crack pot, that is likely true, but I am a fly fisherman because I think, know, and say that I am a fly fisherman. Perhaps it is the sheer lack of fish today, as compared to when you were learning the craft in a more traditional philosophy that is more the difference. You leared and found an affinity for one methodology that you believe in and it suits you. Some of us newer to this game are willing to be a bit more experimental. It all works for the user, and really, isn't that all that really matters? Ed
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    Omigawd Kerry!!

    Like, totaly..............are you mocking meeeee???!
  14. Richard Torres

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    Oh Mumbles you brainiac!
    ....You hit it spot on.

    Now go back to cleaning up your puke and then PM me your address so I can send you the pink wormathingamajobs you've been asking so much for.......:clown:
  15. Chris Johnson

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    The thing that always stumps me in these threads is, why is it so important to call it fly fishing! Why not call it what it is( fishin a worm, bead, pullin plugs, whateva)?
  16. PT

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    Let's just lower the hoop to 8' so everyone can dunk. We'll still call it basketball.
  17. Jerry Daschofsky

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    You know what I think is funny is how different it is from gear to fly guys. Since I'm simply an angler who fishes a fly or gear I could care less what anyone thinks. But you rarely hear a gear angler say "Um, those jigs look alot like a weighted fly, are you some sort of flyguy wanna be?" or "You should just take up flyfishing". You also never heard guys say "Man, those are bass plugs, why are you using them for steelhead?". Or "that's a bass worm, why are you using it for steelhead?". Now, so far to date, anything new that comes out is criticized in the fly community. I never understood that. By definition (now you can correct me if I'm wrong per state laws) but state definition of a "fly" would knock intruders out, and some styles of articulated flies (ones I've seen that didn't have the material wrapped on the trailing hook). Traditions are just that, traditions. NONE of us were there from the beginning of flyfishing in Washington State. Too many people are in love (or shall I say are romanced) by the notion of being "true to the sport". Well, it's a sport that's been bastardized for years. For some reason I'm thinking that synthetic materials for tying, breathable waders, vestpacks, mono and flourocarbon, sinktips and modern lines, speyrods, etc, etc, etc weren't part of the founding of flyfishing in the NW. But I'm sure some of those who are talking how beads and pink worms aren't "true to the sport" and searching for "traditional" gear to wear. Hell, you can still buy rubberpacks. I've seen old pics of Les Johnson and of the "dreamteam" of the S rivers wearing rubberpacks with SINGLEHANDED RODS in thier hands. I'm just so tired of people who have to label everything. People adapt, a sport adapts. Hell, gear guys open thier arms to new things. I never understood it in the flyworld. I'm not an old timer flyfishing, but I've been around. Guess my benefit was I wasn't schooled in flyfishing. BUT, my Uncle who loved to flyfish steelhead from the 40's until his death in the early 70's wasn't a traditional flyfisherman either. But he caught his share of steelhead.

    I leave you with a pic of him circa the mid 50's. He doesn't sport a traditional look of a steelheader does he? Well, besides the fish in his hands (what he wore alot, he mostly wet waded with his shoes and pants, but would wear rubber packs too. His rod of choice near the end was his glass fenwick singlehanded flyrod).


    And yes, he did fish gear occasionally, but he was a professed fly angler the majority of the time.
  18. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    BTW, I wouldn't use pink worms on a flyrod. I'd only use them on driftgear. Easier to present, and easier to work IMHO. Why make it tougher on myself. ;)
  19. BDD

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    Same could be said for nymphing on a fly rod. A float or centerpin rod would present the flies much easier, more effective, less mending, and provide longer drifts...but then the angler couldn't call him/herself a "Fly Fisher". :rofl:
  20. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    We're talking about pink worms here. I never did respond to that thread. But yeah, I'd say concur on the float rod and a jig/nymph whatever you'd want to call it (a gear guy wouldn't call it a nymph). ;)