Pink Rubber Worms

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  1. Ugh, if you've read my post, I apologize. I opted to just delete it.

    Rob, I'm just asking because it wouldn't be considered a "fly" by most legal definitions. Would be no better then a bead, just a tad fancier is all. Something that slides down the line and hangs above the hook.
  2. Yup, I have a greenheart double hander I've used a couple times, who else does? :)
  3. BTW SG, you're not worth it. I have too much respect for Chris to let it go any further. If you want to discuss this through PM's, you know where to reach me.
  4. Well, I do happen to have a greenheart 12' Grant's Vibration rod but I only fished it a few times.

  5. Reading some of the self satisfied, smug posts on this thread makes me wonder just what is is that makes some people take themselves so seriously. "Real" fly fishing? Please.

    In the off chance it's some miasma or effluvia that comes off head cement or other tying materials, I'm going to start wearing a respirator when sitting at my tying desk, I'm already too paranoid about who I'll fish with.
  6. Don, this debate has been going on for years and years. I can remember getting a hard time for throwing a sink tip; "All you have managed to do there is stretch a chunk of pencil lead out a bit, no different than fishing gear." And the debate rages on.

    Salmo, I still feel that way about chummies but, we handed out 5 demerits for actually landing one and intentionally targeting a chum will cost you a seat in the boat.
  7. Kerry, pretty soon chum may be all that we can target that is 12+ pounds.
  8. I don't know what I would do if I seen a fella out throwing worms with a long stick. Run? take a pic? throw up? just not sure.
  9. Our WDFW and the commies will make sure they are removed from the spawning beds also. Look at what's happened in the past 10 years with our newly found "Keta" runs.
  10. 8 pages of arguing about what's okay and not okay to tie to the end of our lines. Good work fellas! Let's make it 16!
  11. Ed, some of the people on here take things way to seriously. Fishing for chummies has always been an area that will get you a bunch of ribbing within the group that I have fished with. It is just another way to have some fun with each other.

    I have targeted chum and I have hooked one or two that tore up a 9 weight spey rodand yeah, it was fun. I don't fish for them very often and if I am after steelhead I try to avoid areas with large numbers of chummies. I think the steelhead are put off by all the fighting and running around by the chummers.
  12. I understand Kerry, toughest part is knowing that now when we fish you'll be tying me to the bow of the sled because I'm an admitted chum-thusiast that no longer can occupy a seat in the sled! I think you are right about the chum and steelhead not cohabitating areas very well. I think, in my limited experience, the only salmon species that I've seen steelhead sticking around have been the coho, maybe because of relative size or a lesser level of territorial aggression compared to kings or chum. I still like the chum. Wonder if the chum will hit a pink or green rubber worm, and if so should it be an auger tail, double auger tail, fluke tail or just a standard tubular taper?
  13. Another book for Itchy to write - "Mumbles the chummy worm"
  14. Cool. that might be an "Egg Humping Worm."
  15. Wow, I just flashed upon a great idea! I might try feeding some nightcrawlers shredded beets! Maybe I can come up with some real live pink worms!!! Ya thimk?
    If that doesn't work, then I can just inject 'em with some pink dye.

    "Live Pink Nightcrawlers!" First, you chum the run by tossing in a handful of regular worms, perhaps soaked in pink non-toxic vegetable dye. Wait a few minutes. Burn that pinner, maybe. Then lob that big live pink nightcrawler into the head of the pool and hang on! It can be done with your fly rod. No need to go buy a bait rod!:clown:

    Stonefish, BigE, and Yard: Nice ties!
  16. An older version of the pink meany. I first tied this fly about 10 or 12 years ago to use like a pink worm. I have sinced refined it and tie it using a trailer......

  17. I would suggest ground up krill or shrimp...isn't that what turns flamingos pink and is used to 'naturally' color farmed fish?
  18. No need to turn them pink, they'll hit a regular nite crawler. Seen many guy's in canada fish steelhead with " dew worms".
  19. Good Lord! A serious reply. My earthworms are almost like pets. I would never subject them to cold water or the ravages of a hungry fish! I would never think to impale them on a hook!
  20. Eggi-Juan Kenobi, tied by Dave Hise.

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