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  1. I need to tie some flies for the pink salmon run this year. The only problem is that I don't know what to tie or what size hook I kneed.:dunno I do know that anything pink will do. Thanx for your answers!

    Do fish think the world is wet?
  2. A 6 -8 pink Charlie or Gotcha (yes, bonefish flies) will work. Here's the simplest pink salmon fly ever. I use a salwater hook since that's what the guy who showed me this fly tied his on.

    Tiemco 811-S #6-8
    Beadchain or small lead dumbell eyes
    Pink Maribou
    Hot pink chennile
    A little Krystal Flash

    Tie the tail in, about shank's length, plus 2 -3 strands flash

    Tie eyes in above point of hook

    Tie chennile in behind (closer to bend) of hook, wrap around eyes (figure-8), then up to the eye. Tie off.

    Fish on a dead drift or near-dead drift in rivers.

    You can tie many of these in a short time. They work!


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