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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Steve Saville, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. Anyone out there want to do a Pink Salmon fly swap? I've never hosted one but would be willing if there are eleven others to make an even dozen. If there is interest, I'll do it.
  2. Is this for saltwater or for fresh?
  3. I'd be interested I have no idea of what to tie other than a pink fly due to the fact that I haven't been lucky enough to be in WA on odd years. But I will do some research on flys and find a pattern that will hopefully be successful.
  4. I think the patterns I tie would work in salt or fresh water though I am primarily a salt water fisherman since I live near the Sound. I have a couple of pretty productive patterns, one for sure that I have been able to morph into my own creation that has yielded nearly 100 pinks during the past two runs. I'd like to see what other people have been successful with, hence the fly swap.
  5. I'm in, even if you get less than a dozen tiers still do it. It will be great seeing some other patterns. Here's the one that slays them on the Whidbey beaches. Of course when they're running, just about anything slays them. :thumb:
  6. Okay. That's what I'm talkin' about. Let's get this thing started. I could even go for six people. What I have in mind is that we take about a month and create our flies. The Pinks won't be here for a couple of months. In the meantime, I'll search out some small containers and have them weighed for postage and then get back to anyone who wants to get in. That way, you can just send stamps along with your flies and address, I'll colllect, box, and ship out the end products. What do you think?
  7. Steve most of the time people in the swap send their flys to the swap meister in a fly box thats tucked inside a padded onvelope, also enclosed is usually a SASE for the return postage so there is no cost to the meister for holding the swap. Also this is a good read on how a swap should work and run efficently.
  8. Thanks for the info. SInce I've never done a swap, I'll take you advise. I am trying to scare up some interest in this swap. It may be a bit early but time flies when you're having fun, so they say and I'm going to be out of town in late June so I'd like to get it done, providing there is interest.
  9. Okay. Let's do this. Send me a PM if you are in for the swap. The first twelve are in or less if not enough are interested. I'd like your flies by June 1st. That gives you plenty of time to tie and mail and plenty of time to get them back before the fish are here.
  10. Steve, I sent you a PM, I'd like to get in if there is room.
  11. Okay. The swap is on' So far we have:

    Ben Waldschmidt
    Steve Saville

    There's still room for more.
  12. I'll join up for this one as well.
  13. can i get in?
    i will take anyone for a tour of tacoma shipyards/ holding areas for puyalup pinks
  14. I'll jump in on this one. I haven't fished for pinks yet, but plan to as much as possible this year. I'll do some research and come up with something fun and pink!
  15. ill get it but it depends on the due date. so once you figure that out ill tell you for sure if im joining.
  16. New to pinks but I can tie. If you want me in I will be happy to tie up a little pink euphasid that slays the coho and SRC's. I dont see why it won't work for pink's!
  17. I'd be willing to take you up on that. I have never fished for pinks yet, and I'll take all the experience I can get.
  18. iagree I'm with Ben on that one! I have a little 12' aluminum that I was thinking about taking around Tacoma, but I would very much appreciate someone showing me a little something as I haven't fished for these guys either. I'll bring you some beer! :beer2:
  19. The swap now includes :

    PEI Fish Finder
    Ben Waldschmidt
    Sean K
    Eric Tarcha
    Mumbles -Pink Bait Fishy
    Kerfwappie- Pink Ultra Shrimp
    Arthur Vakulchik-Pink Chumbaby (Pink Baby?)
    and Me - Pink Confection or Triple S

    We have room for one more. Flies are due June 1st. PM me if you are interested in joining.
  20. Dinker. Right on w/ the beer!!!

    Rotato, let us know what your favorite flavor is, and you will more than hooked up!


    Plus since both Dinker and I haven't fished for pinks before, you'll still probably out-fish us both!

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