Pink Salmon Fly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Steve Saville, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. PM enroute! Beer? Tying+beer=interested!
  2. Steve Just a recommendation for the swap and the info who is in/out of the swap and when the end date of the swap is. This is just a convience for the persons involved in the swap to get any updates there may be. I recommend that you edit your initial post with names what fly etc everyone will tie to look something like this. (I pulled this ex. from another swap on this site)

    The flies that you throw under tree limbs on a 90 deg day that make a big "splat", that could float a downrigger ball. Doesn't have to be a Stone or hopper, but the inbetween flies that could represent anything that would fall out of the brush. Examples: Madam X, chernobyl, turners bank robber, etc....Basically rubber legs, foam, deer and elk hair stuff. Also, I have read the complaints about people not getting thier flies back, so here is my solution: If you send me $5, I will UPS your flies to you and PM you the tracking number, so there will be no "lost in the mail" issues. Im thinking 12 persons max, since these are not quick to tie. April 25th deadline. If I get all the flies by the 25th, I will ship on the 27th, and PM you your tracking numbers that evening.
    Anyone interested?


    1. Jason (ozcast) - Bullet head summer stone (tan)
    2. Kim Ferris - Recvd
    3. CLO - foam hopper - Recvd
    4. Sean K - Stimulator - Recvd
    5. Mumbles - Brown foam hopper - Recvd.
    6. P.E.I Fish Finder - Black Beetle - Recvd.
    7. PEI. Salar.Salmo - Yellow Sally - out
    8. Colton Rogers - Recvd.
    9. Arthur - Chernobyl - Recvd.
  3. getting stoked fellas
    if we fish in the afternoon i can take out the little yard tug
    only 8 inches of freeboard so its easy to land them

    i also noticed 2 years ago the fish were at sunrise beach before they packed into the bay
  4. Sounds like a good time for sure!
  5. Sean, I'd be happy to do that but I don't have the names of the flies yet. I have sent a PM to everyone involved and made a post already with the June 1st date. When I get more info from the participants, I'll post it via an amendment or edit.
  6. I'd like in on this. Don't know what I'll tie though. Would they hit a Pink Ultra Shrimp?

  7. i dont see why not
    thats a sweet fly
  8. Looking at that pink shrimp fly makes me wanna join. So I'm in. I'm tying a pink chummbaby'ish pattern. Great for fresh and salt. This is the only fly I use for them!
  9. Man rotato, you are going to have all of us Seattle boys lined up at your door for some fishing! i'll bring a 1/4 barrel and 1/5 of scotch...lets roll.
  10. Okay then, Pink Ultra Shrimp it is. I'll get started.
  11. Kerf, They would SMASH that pink shrimp. Nice tie.
  12. Thanks Folks. The Pink Salmon Fly swap is set. Flies due by June 1st. It would make Sean very happy if you could PM the name of your fly to me.

    P.E.I.Fish Finder-Pink w/black
    Bem Waldschmidt-Hot Pink Lazer
    Sean K-
    Connor H-
    Rotato -
    Eric Tarcha-
    Mumbles-Pink Bait Fishy
    Kerfwappie-Pink Ultra Shrimp
    Arthur Vakulchik-Pink Chumbaby
    Steve-Pink Confection or Triple S
  13. Steve, This one doesn't really have an official name that I know of. It's just a fly that is common on Whidbey for pinks. So, let's call it the "WI Pink Fly".
  14. Good group here... Connor just send you flies in time man! Pinks will be showing up in August not October...LOL! Not sure what i will tie yet, but i will post it soon.
  15. :rofl: ET :rofl:

  16. Thanks... I hope they're the ticket. This will be my first year to fish for Pinks.

  17. Well the beauty of that fly is you can nymph it under an indicator if you want to, Swing it in the tailouts for pinks mid day, Or cast it on a floating line, let it sink and "jig it" back to you with twitchy type strips.

    In fact, That looks like a pattern i would tie a BUNCH of and fish all the time!
  18. Aready got half of em' tied but ran out of hooks. I might have to switch up the pattern.
    No shop in Mo Hole sells SS-15's.
  19. How big are Pink Salmon? I'm tying these on SC 15 #1/0. It's a thick strong hook, big gape, but the hackles and walking legs seem to be hiding it well. Before I tie anymore, should I go smaller?
  20. i too am out of hooks after finishing half. and pink salmon are very small. averaging 4 or 5 lbs. i would probably say tie them on something smaller. but if you have already started than continue tyign them in that hook size

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