Pink Salmon Fly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Steve Saville, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. Anyone know if the swap is still open? A little late I know but I didn't see it until today.
  2. The swap is closed but as soon as we finish this one, look for another.
  3. That's pretty cool. It Looks a lot like a couple of others I've seen so you must be on the right track. It should fish.
  4. I would be up for that, the Saltwater arrival in our area is August, Fresh water S rivers open Aug 16 and should be RED hot by the first week of Sept. I have a pink and white egg sucking leech that plays hell with them....

    I would like to know how many are in and when we need to be done tying....
  5. I'm done... they should go in the mail Monday.
  6. im done should go in the mail tommarow
  7. I've finished my other swap committments, had a nice fishing outing, met a bunch of WFFers, collected my materials for this swap and am ready to become one with the vise. I'll get mine done this week and get them in the mail.
  8. Done with 10. We need to tie 11 or 12? The last one will go on a size 10 scud hook due to the lack of SS-15's...
  9. I'm finished. Flies will be mailed soon.
  10. Christ, I'm behind Connor H. I am now a pathetic little man. I'll have mine done by this weekend and in the mail. Steve, have you sent me an address? I don't recall getting it yet.
  11. Finished, they will be in the mail by wednesday. They are a little bigger than I was wanting to tie, I tied these on a size 4. I have no expierance with pinks so hopefully they will catch some fish.
  12. Hey Sean k,
    They look good to me. If I was a pink, I'd be all over that.
    I can't wait to fish it.
  13. There are twelve in the swap so send eleven. When I set it up I didn't think about a baker's dozen for twelve flies.
  14. A view of my flies. These are tied on Gamakatsu S-15 hooks, size 2.
  15. tasty bits fellas
    mine will be done this week
  16. I think I may have to start all over. Kerfwappie's flies arrived yesterday and all I can say is that the bar is really high. If they fish as well as they look, it will be a great run. Thanks for the great job Eric!
  17. done with my flies and should be out this week
  18. Hey Steve,
    You better not change your flies man. I'm lookin' forward to fishin' your pattern. It's a killer. They are the shizznick.
  19. Alright all, found a couple of photos of a sample I wanted to try out. Here is what it looks like. I finally sat down and tied some up. I hope they'll do, they look pretty flashy.
  20. Right on Ed! I think those will work!!

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