Pink Salmon Fly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Steve Saville, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. Nice Ed!

    Those should work well in the salt, and the bead on the end would make it a good steelhead pattern too!

  2. Mine went in the mail today.
  3. I would love to hit the shipyards. Let me know when and where and I'll be there.:thumb:
  4. august 1 lets do it
  5. Arthur's flies arrived yesterday afternoon. Nice job, Arthur. We're waiting for a couple more and ten I'll return them. Looks like everything is going well. Thanks, guys.
  6. It looks as though all flies are here now. I got Connor's and Steve's today. I'll start the process of repacking them and try to get them out early in the week. Nice work guys!
  7. To all who have participated, thanks. I packaged and mailed all flies at t he UPS store this morning. You should have them in a couple of days. You will see that I returned the additional fly for Logan since he was unable to participate. I didn't feel right about keeping them though I have to admit, they looked sooooo good that I was tempted. I'm looking forward to another swap in the future. Great job and enjoy the flies. Don't forget to pinch those barbs.
  8. Great job on the Swap Steve! I look forward to gettin' my flies and catchin' my first pink this year! I got the spot man!
  9. Is there a Pink run over there or are you coming over here?
  10. Connor H is coming over here, coordinating the beach fishing face to face with our pink flies, right Mr. H@#$!n$@& ?
  11. Got my flies today, nice job gents. I cant wait to fish Kerfwappies shrimp fly, what material is that pink stuff? it is like fiber optics....crazy, the tips literally look like they glow!
  12. Just got my flies. Man you guys outdid yourselves. I can't wait to fish these beautiful bugs. Thanks to Steve for hosting. This was my first swap and it was a neat experience, I will be joining more.

    Eric T., The pink stuff is Spirit River Super Hair. I picked it up at Peninsula Outfitters in Poulsbo. Glad you like it. I hope they catch fish.
    Thanks again,
  13. Man, i am going to swing that thing for some steel this summer....nice job.
  14. Got mine, blown away as usual. Excellent swap Steve, excellent flies all!
  15. Superhair is what I tied this anchovie fly with. It really sparkles, doesn't it?
  16. Received my flys today great job everyone! Thanks Steve for hosting I cant wait totry these things out and finally get to fish for pinks.
  17. good looking flys fellas
    i can't wait to fish for these pinks with you all
    i will be gone all of july but when i get back....
    lets hit it
  18. seriously the due date for the flies was june1
    we got them back june2
    thats the shiznet
  19. iagree

    Kudos to all for getting the flies in early and to Steve for getting them back right away! Now all that's left to do is stare at all of these tasty flies and dream about pinks for another month and a half!
  20. I hear ya Ben, I'm ready to go right now! :D

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