Pink salmon thought to be the winner in climate change roulette

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  1. Hard to link that to climate change but it's a ok hypothesis. I think it's more about over harvesting the prized sockeye and that gives the lowly pink a leg up in the food chain. Give nature a benefit in one way or another and it will react and take time to regulate.

    Sockeye and pinks spawn in different areas of the river and there are 35-70 million sockeye forecast this 2014 run. Maybe try netting a couple million pounds less of sockeye and see what happens. Until then I will worry about more pressing fisheries issues.
  2. read this article and a few others. The idea that pinks are even outcompeting seabirds is hard for me....because seabirds flourished when there were FAR more salmon.
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  3. Exactly. If anything seabirds, would be eating the billions of pink smolts.
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  4. as a scientist expected to produce peer reviewed experiments etc, I have a hard time with piss poor experimental design, half drawn conclusions etc.
    I have a very hard time with any of these "articles" when theres no data or method attached :(

    I would love to see some population graphs/ food density data etc etc at the bare minimum
    I guess most average americans cant really read graphs and extrapolate data though.

  5. This was a Canadian article but yeah. Also saying this was a half drawn conclusion is giving it way too much credit.
  6. oh, I saw Vancouver and thought Vancouver, Wa.

    It was linked to me this am on facebook. Didnt really look at the source beyond that
  7. I wonder how they count that many fish. Do they have somebody at a window and saying 1,2,3,4, etc, etc. or is it just a wild ass guess

  8. They accurately count the fish that pass through dams, but I'm not sure anyone can explain how they make salmon ocean forecasts.
  9. And spawning ground surveys and they back calculate
  10. Dang! This appears to be just more evidence that the world as we once knew it is degrading. The pink plague spreads!
  11. right?! Who is the leader of the pink plague opposition these days?
  12. Stonefish?
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  13. Can we genetically engineer them into 10-25# fish?
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  14. Easily
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  15. Why would you link this to climate change... aside from the obvious reason?
  16. ...and in an even numbered year!
  17. pinks run every year in the Fraser, same with Campbell River, and many BC rivers..
  18. News flash; pinks run every year in most of the rivers that they are in but the PS rivers have larger odd number year runs than even years. This is mostly a Washington based board and pink mania doesn't usually show up 'til an odd number year. Jeez.

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