Pink Salmon

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Clint F, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. Clint F Fly Fishing Youth

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    Hi I am wondering if i can use my 5 wt for pinks in saltwater and in rivers? Also are there any flies that seam to work better than others? I am going to fish the Carbon which is mudy so visibility will probably be a factor. Thanks for the help.:confused:
  2. Scott Behn Active Member

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    You can do anything you want, but you'll be better off with a 6 or 7wt... especially out in the salt. Pinks maybe small compared to other salmonids, but any ocean dewelling fishy is many times stronger then a freshwater fish of the same size...IMHO!!!!!

  3. Tom Bowden Active Member

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    I agree with Scott on using 6, 7 or even 8 wt. rods. When a 4-6 lb fish gets downstream on you in a fast moving river, or down-current on a beach, you need a strong rod. You always want to land a fish as quickly as possible for release, and this can be tough to do with a 5wt.

    My opinion

  4. John Hilt YeeeeHaaw

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    As for the flies...humpies will hit anything (almost). Pink and white marabou with a little flash has always worked for me, something like a "pink floozy".

  5. dmoocher Member

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    I was spooled at hoodsport on my 8wt and it wasn't fun.
  6. Clint F Fly Fishing Youth

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    Just curious because I have been reading websites from alaska that say a 5wt is sutable. It sounds like I will be using my 8wt. Just thought i'd ask from a more reliable source.
  7. salt dog card shark

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    Pinks tend to take off when they start getting close to shore, so if you're fishing with other people around you even with a 6 wt rod you'll be hard pressed to keep larger fish out from under other lines and boots. 7 wt is about a perfect match.
  8. SeaRun Fanatic Member

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    Spooled by a humpy on an 8wt?!?!?!? Either your fish was not fair-hooked, or it wasn't a humpy. What do you use for chum, a 12wt???

    (I debated a comment on operator error, but self-edited;) )
  9. dmoocher Member

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    Foul hooked most likely...but that was the year of the "monster humpy" not your typical 4 pounders.

    But that doesn't eliminate the likelyhood of operator error!
  10. Fred Aldridge Member

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    I broke my 8 wt 2 years ago and used my 5 wt with no problem. Foul hooking is the difference as they can really pull when they don't feel the hook in their mouth. That being said, I replaced the 8wt as soon as possible.
  11. Bill Douglas blue collar dirtbag

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    Two years ago when they were in a buddy and I went. We were fishing in the salt. He was using an eight weight, and stated that they weren't much fun on that heavy of a rod. I used my five weight, and was just a touch "undergunned", but able to land all the fish I hooked. I have recently acquired a six weight. I think it will be perfect.
  12. tahuyamg tahuyamg

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    How in the hell did you get spooled fishin' for pinks on an 8wt in Hoodsport??? I go over to Hoodsport for the Pinks using a 6wt. 8-6 pound Maxima leader ( I'll use 6 pound at Hoodsport) and never ever gotten close to being spooled. In fact, most of the time I just strip them in. Hoodsport doesn't have any current w/ the tides. 5 wt is a little light. But 6wt is just fine...
  13. Ian Broadie Flyfishing is so "Metal"

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    A 5wt will work just fine, since humpie's will go for most anything pink, flashy, and a lot of motion you can use an 8 lb test or so leader to keep them under control as they are not leader shy in least. As a matter of fact I purchased a 5wt specifically for this years humpie run.

    A 5 wt would actually make the fight fun and with a barbless hook it should give the fish a fighting chance at winning the battle :) .

    The kicker is if you hook a silver or later in the season a chum on a 5wt you will get ultra owned.
  14. AFJBugger New Member

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    5wt is all I ever used for the Pinks last year, they eat anything pink. They are a blast, at the time I did not have a 6wt but the 5wt was just fine.

    Tight Lines!
  15. papafsh Piscatorial predilection

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    What nobody has mentioned here is the action of the rod, is it soft, moderate, fast? A fast action five wt. might do just fine on the average pink, a soft action 5wt will under-perform, etc,etc.

    Last year was not a pink year, yes there are always a few, but not like odd year runs. I use a moderate action 10ft 7wt and it works well for me.

    Whatever you use, get out there this year, you'll have a blast for about 3 weeks or so:thumb:

  16. Clint F Fly Fishing Youth

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    Thanks for all the help I think I am going to use my 5wt this year then when I get the money I will get a 6wt for the next run.
  17. dmoocher Member

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    My two cents worth...

    I was told long ago that if I couldn't afford a rod in every weight (who can!), skip one to cover more ground...I chose the even numbers...I have 5 quality rods in 4, 6, 8 wt (various lengths) and can cover everything I fish for. Just a thought.
  18. Clint F Fly Fishing Youth

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    I have 1, 3wt. 3, 5wt. 2, 8 wt. Somewhere inbetween the odd and even numbers were lost. Personaly I feel that a 8wt would be a bit over powering for them pinks. Again I really appriciate your and everone elses help.
  19. dmoocher Member

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    I primarily use my 8 because it's a 10 footer...but a 6 at hoodsport with all those morons around me...I'd never land a fish.
  20. Catfish Jack New Member

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    Moocher, it may not be the rod but the handler that is stopping you from catching them with a 6! J/K buddy.

    I personal use a 5 myself and it does the trick.