Pink Steelie Fly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by seanengman, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Sean that sounds like a good one to tie!
  2. I added you to the list, Calderon. Room for one more.
  3. bored after work, started tieing a bunch of stuff up.

    this one i call "big poopy panties"

    brown chenile as poop

  4. You are sick in the head... you should seek help.
  5. im gonna fish this guy this saturday over at Sauk. destroy some steelies with poopy pants
  6. I see there is one slot left, and it is my birthday on the 20th, I guess I,ll get in if I can. Thanks, Chris
  7. Chris, I'll add you to the list.

    Tight lines

  8. Is this girlie pink enough? Just one thought passing through my mind...lots of pink things on a copper tube.
    I've got a couple other ideas brewing, darker but with some pink highlights.
  9. I am done girls! I had some extra time on my hands. The goods are in the mail this morning as well as return address card and postage.
  10. Mumbles

    That is a good looking tube.
  11. Looks better in real life, man I'm horrible with a camera. I might try out a couple other ideas rolling around in my little head nugget.
  12. Sexaaaaaaay!
    Ed I bet that would make a killer shrimp pattern in the salt too...
    As for your pic, go into your menu file and turn your focus selection to "spot" and try it again.
  13. Here is one tie i'm tinkerbelling with..
  14. You guys are tying som awesome flies... I haven't even started tying. I have to get some dye so I can have the colors I want.
  15. ok I think this is the one I will be tieing but with an articulated hook.

  16. I must say. I am pleased that you removed the poopy from the panties.
  17. Just finished the last fly and am boxing them up:


    Hook #2 Salmon
    Tail Pink Marabuo
    Rib Krinkle Mirror Flash - Pink
    Body Pink Sparkle Yarn
    Throat White Marabou
    Underwing 4 strips of Krinkle Mirror Flash - Pink
    Wing Pink Bucktail
    Head Black Wool
    Thread 3/0 Black Kevlar
  18. ansas, got em in the mail. look good, thanks.
  19. Got my materials dyed. I am pleased with how they turned out. How is everyone else doing?

    Tight lines


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