Pink Steelie Fly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by seanengman, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Mine went in the mail today!
  2. Epoxy has dried on my beads and I am working on the rest of the parts as I write this.
  3. Just finished my tubers. I'll try to get them in the mail tomorrow.
  4. Got Millseses and Chris Johnson's flies today. They both look pretty damn good.
  5. Almost done. Will have them all done by end of weekend and shipped out.
  6. christ i completely forgot about this. Sean i'll have this out very soon.
  8. ? who are you?
  9. The lurkers come out in the winter I guess. Mine went out last night btw.
  10. shit i forgot as well!!! i'll get to tying right now, although im gonna ammend my original fly due to time constraints. if im late i'll toss in some extra goodies for everyone to play around with. sorry guys been really preoccupied lately, life got me!
  11. Anyone arguing with a one week extension?
  12. No problem here, I probably can't get them wet for a few weeks anyway. Sean, did mine arrive yet? I shipped them out a while back.
  13. ahahaha WHO AM I??? AHAHAHAHAH
  14. By the way... mine ended up with more purple than I had wished... there is still the sexy pink, but I kinda wish I was able to switch the purple to pink and pink to purple... I just need to find a pink rabbit during Easter....
  15. ok...? lol should i know who you are?

    sent it out yesterday. sorry about being so late, i gotta keep track of these things.
  16. I am extending the swap to the 27th.

    Kirk Singleton
    Chris Johnson
    Richard Torres

    Sean Beauchamp (on the way)
    Nomdetrout (on the way)
    Renejl (at the vise)
    Calderon is out of this one
  17. Here's what I got... How ya like dem apples?
  18. My ladies are ready and willing...
  19. hi seanengman, never got a reply from you on my 2 pm about the flies i paid you for? still wondering if you have shipped?
  20. jbetanc- done and arrived.

    Richard- done and got 'em

    jcalderon is out of this one

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