Pinkfest with a switch?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Nol, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. I am considering trying to catch pinks on my switch rod from the beach.....just wondering how many of you do this? Also what is your setup and what are your tactics?
  2. heck yea!! 7110 ZAxis switch rod, rio outbound short, stripping basket, waders. 1-2ft leader at the end, let er launch, med-fast on!!
  3. Two hand overhead or spey style casting?
  4. Two handed , overhead cast. Spey casting with a switch or spey rod in the salt is a tough job because the line in the water picks up all the junk. If you use a basket, the water load still picks up the junk so you are screwed either way. I've used a switch on the beach but have gone back to a single hand rod. Less hassle. To each his own but it wouldn't be my choice unless you have a lot of backcast room and a bunch of patience for removing seaweed from your line.
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  5. I used my 6/7wt switch last year for coho and it was a pleasure to cast overhead, especially when I needed to keep my back cast high to avoid logs (people, dogs, etc). I could single-hand it every now and then to add a double-haul for crazy distance.
  6. You also might have to remove your fly from the zoned out beachwalkers with their eyes on the ground looking for lost buzzbombs. It can get hairy dodging rafts of seaweed in front of you and rafts of the unaware behind!
  7. I can't tell you how many times I have had curious people walk up behind me to watch. I am very wary and constantly checking behind for kids playing, watchers, and dog walkers who are off somewhere in space and not aware of the dangers of a backcast. I try to stay as far away from civilization as possible on public beaches and often spend my time on my own beach where there are few people. It's something we all have to be aware of so we don't hurt someone while enjoying our sport.
  8. So no one really spey cast much on the beach? ?? My intention was to get some practice while also catching some pinks
  9. I will be out there with my Spey rod. Never really fished the beach before but since I have to be up near Oly for work a day or two each week I am going to give it a whirl.
  10. Fish in my profile pic was caught with a spey rod. Spey works fine if there isn't much salad in the water. I still use a stripping basket for the running line and my rod is an 8wt 13'6" running an Airflo Delta line with intermediate tip. Works best if you remember to tighten your reel down on the rod so it doesn't fall off mid-fight, although hand-lining in a fish is aways exciting.

  11. Was this a typo or is your fly really just 2 ft from the end of your outbound short? I have never fly fished for pinks so I'm honestly curious.

    Also not to hijack this thread, but as far as stripping baskets go, it seems the orvis one is regarded as the best and its one of those things that you get what you pay for? (i.e. those mesh ones suck).
  12. Mesh baskets do suck in my opinion. If you want a nice basket, I'd look at the Linekurv. It is a knock off of the now discontinued and widly regarded LL Bean basket. Avid Angler in Lake Forest Park sells them for around $50.00 I believe. If I didn't already own three Bean baskets, I'd be using the Linekurv.
    The Orvis basket works good as well but is more expensive. You can also make your own out of a rubbermaid dish pan.
  13. I've used my switch rod from the beach for a while and love it. It's certainly not the norm and isn't for everyone, but the versitility and distance is great for me. I've used my zaxis 5110 for src and pinks in the past. This year I'll be using a tcx 6119.

    What I like about it is that the wind isn't much of a factor from either side. If it's blowing stink you can make all kinds of casts and get your fly in the zone. If the wind isn't blowing then an overhead cast is great. I haven't had much issue with salad becuase you can 'switch' it up if need be. There have been some windy days that I would not have been able to fish a single hander but the switch did just fine.
  14. I've been using a switch rod off the beach for a few years now utilizing skagit/sustained anchor techniques. Unless there's a ton of salad in the water (which would be problematic for single-handing, too), I don't have any issues, you just have to be mindful of where you set your anchor. Definitely need a stripping basket, though.
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  15. I'm with Steve on this one. Tried it, it works, but I find the single hander a better tool for that particular job.
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  16. Yes 2ft and under because while your line is sinking you dont want your fly floating 6-9 feet above it right? the whole point is to get down. I have an orvis basket best imo.

    I've seen guys single hand it and do great, and I've seen guys with full on spey rods get effortless distance. It is all about preference.
  17. I can't see spending a ton of money on a store bought basket when you can make a custom one for your needs for pennys. I have always made my own baskets and have never had problems but if ya got the money and don't care then go for it, there is some real nice one's out there but a basket is a basket if you set it up right. just my thoughts so don't get in a uproar. tight lines
  18. I'll second home made baskets, they go great with my non-Sage equipment too. Ikea children's stool turned upside down and cut a couple slots for a belt and you're set! I even further customized mine with two cutouts so I can rest my rod across the basket to change flies. Maybe cost $10 with a belt.


    this guy?
  20. That's it! It's curved on the inside so it actually fits the curve of your leg or waist very well. Tried rectangular baskets and this is 100 times better. Plus it's made of a tougher plastic that isn't brittle.

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