Pinks and Cohos

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jay Allyn, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. Jay Allyn The Poor-Student Fly Fisher

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    This is an odd year and do you know what that meens? The Pinks will be running!:thumb I hope to catch me first pink on a fly this year and I was wondering what the best patterns are, I know that anything pink works well. I have also noticed that the choho seem to have better runs when there are pinks in the rivers. Any real good coho flies?:dunno


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  2. Scott New Member

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    Hi Jay... Im not sure if you tie your own flies, but one of the patterns I use alot for Pinks is simply a chenille body, followed by a adding a bunch of crystal hair at the front tied back into a bullet head and then trim the tag ends to about the rear of the hook. Im not sure what this pattern is called (although someone else on the board may be able to help me with that), but it is simple and fairly effective. I would start with a no. 6 or 8 in pink or chartruse and experiment from there.

    As for Silvers I like the hairball leaches with fairly heavy lead eyes. For some reason I do better when the fly has a lot of darting/jigging motion. I usually start with pink, fusia, or chartruse. If im not getting anything, i will move to a purple color. One think about silvers is usually they are hitters or they aren't. Not too much in between in my experience.

    hope this helps ya!
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    I am really looking forward to the Pink's return this year. I only hope it turns out to be as good as the last time.
    They were almost as thick then, in the Sky, as the Chum were this year!

    You are right about anything "pink", I like a simple bunny fly with some type of flash, like crystal-flash, in it.
    They are quick and easy to tie and not a big deal when you lose some.

    In 2001, I remember standing in water about knee high and the pinks were all around me, even bumping into me! I caught so many, in the three week peak run that year, my arms still feel it!
    Well not really, but it was sure fun on a 6wt. That was the year the new State record Pink was caught in the Sky, in the same section of the Sky I frequented. Never did get a coho though!

  4. dlw New Member

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    A pattern I had good success with during the last pink run was a pink/white clouser. I had a couple days in 01 where every cast I made with this fly resulted in a hookup, to the point where I was tired of catching them. Stick to pink colors mostly, especially lighter shades. Almost all my humpy flies have two things in common, pink coloring and dumbell eyes. When they are in thick it's almost impossible not to snag them, and using dumbell eyes cause the fly to ride upside down, which alows me to fish right through a pod without constantly snagging. Another thing, is keep the flies small, like a size 6 or 8.

    For Coho, I like darker flies that have good action like rabbit or maribou. Agian, I use dumbell eyes to avoid snagging, and don't use anything bigger than a size 4.