Pinks And Silvers

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jonathan Tachell, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. nice going. where did ya catch em?
  2. We were fly fishing out on the ocean near Neah Bay.
  3. It was excellent fun. I managed to stroke this slob while we were at it. giant-sea-bass.jpg
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  4. I loves them rocks.
  5. Nice going, looks like a great trip. You guys putting some Allen gear through the ringer?

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  6. I did of course. Though nothing really went on hard enough runs to put the reels through the proverbial ringer. Had the Icon 7wt bent to the cork on more than a few occasions, though.
  7. Awesome, I've got to get out to Neah Bay at some point, thanks for the motivation.

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  8. As seen on Reddit
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  9. That's a good sized fish taco
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  10. Nice report. I was out there last week too. Windy as crap all week. Minus tides in the am made for some nasty slop at the entrance. We didn't make it out to the bar all week, but the fishing was pretty good inside, so it didn't matter. We got a king on a fly in top water so that was pretty cool. Lots of coho and pinks. This year seems to be best for coho out there since 2009.
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  11. Yeah the Coho action was off the charts. The bar was super sketchy with the huge tides and in an 18' boat but we made it out past the bar each day. Looks like its going to be another good silver year.
  12. The coho were off the charts good indeed. And Jonathan can attest to this... but the coho were more tuned in to pink flies than the humpies. I was running pink the whole time, and Jonathan was running chartreuse/orange. He caught all the humpies, and I caught nothing but coho. Crazy stuff.
  13. wow, nice fish! Giant swells ugh! This must be normal for up there?
  14. With a big tide and wind from the wrong direction the bar from tatoosh to the buoy can be interesting.
  15. Evan - Interesting note about pink working for you. For some reason purple/white is working awesome for me for coho this year. We bucktailed the last day I was out there, and I was out hooking my buddy 8:1 using purple vs his chartreuse/white. Everything else was the same. Odd.
  16. Nice Jonathon !!!! I just drooled all over my keyboard...Couldn't help it !!! Thats some fantastic action and some nice size
    fish and they're headed this way...Yeah !!! Great report....
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