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  1. I heard that the first pink has arrived at the White River fish trap already anyone running into any in the salt yet??
  2. What no one gotten any Pinks yet in the Sound?
    I show that by this time 2 years ago I was already into them and with getting back from AK Sunday night I was hoping to take Amie fishing for them this weekend since she still a little ticked on not getting to head to AK to fish with me.
    I will post the AK report later when I can add the photos to it.
  3. With pinks where there's one there's bound to be more but they won't be seen in any real numbers for about 3 or 4 more weeks. If the predictions are even close to true August should be a bounty year and we'll be up to our eyeballs in pinks soon enough.
  4. Hikepat:

    Rule #1 - Keep Amy happy.
    Rule #2 - Refer to above.

    How was Alaska?

  5. So I am going into year three or four of fishing this area. From what I remember the Pinks never really penetrate past the Narrows. Correct?
  6. i have yet to really target pinks. anyone ever have much success from fishing the beaches?
  7. plenty of good beach fishing for them.
    Heard of one caught trolling in the salt. i havent seen one yet myself or heard of any fly caught fish. i just hope the silvers show up. screw the pinks!
  8. someone should let me tag along and teach me the ways of catching a pink on a fly :D
  9. its not hard when they are around...find fish... throw something pink in the water...
    just got a report that a friend got one this morning of Yeomalt pt. on B.I.
  10. Amie and I searched a large part of area 11 both Saturday and Sunday mostly just trolling flies behind our boat and looking for either Coho or Pinks. Met only one person who had even caught a Salmon and that was from Pt Robinson fishing down rigger and saw few bait fish of any type. Only other salmon we saw caught was the 12" Chinook Amie caught while trolling our flies, though we both had one other fish of about the same size on for a moment each. All in all it seemed to be pretty slow around area 11 and we will most likely wait 2 weeks before we go looking again. Instead we may do a little camping and fishing down South next weekend.
    We did talk to a couple guys doing some type of a survey on bottom fishers and saw one person tossing a fly off of 3-tree point and another fly fisherman using a kayak close to around one of my favorite fishing holes at certain times of year. First other person I have ever seen close to that beach fishing. We also saw a lot of crab pots still out on Sunday which we should not have seen since crabbing was closed on Sunday.
    Still it was a nice day to be on the water and it helped to beat the heat a little.
  11. Last night I was fishing around 9:00 for SRCs off the south end of Bainbridge Island. About 20 feet in front of me I watched a 7-8 pound salmon roll on the surface. I threw good cast right by it and got nothing.:beathead: :beathead:
  12. I talked with a buddy this morning, he told me that his friend was crabbing out of Maple Grove C.Is. this weekend. He had his line in the water with a buzz bomb on it, just sitting there by it's self. As they were pulling up the pots a 6lb silver slamed into it. I think it's going to be a great year for Salmon!!

  13. Pm me if ANYONE would like to get together and fish the beaches. I have little know how and would love to learn and teach my father later! Thanks guys.
  14. I got my first pink of the year on Friday night, they should start rolling in before too long.

  15. On the beach, in a boat? I've never fished for salmon with a fly but would like to start and was thinking about giving the Dash Point/Browns Point area a try this year from the beach. Any suggestions?

  16. Ugh! I can't wait for pinks. The summer run for steelhead has been abysmal, so having big easy to catch fish will be a welcome change!
  17. That was me fishing off the point Sunday morning. I released one 16" cutt and two non target species on various colored clousers. I am out there once or twice a week and have not seen any pinks yet.

    That whole area is posted with no trespassing signs up and down the beach and is probably why you don't see anyone fishing out there. The owner of the home you saw me in front of (a family friend) has graciously given me permission to be out there.
  18. Bigfun4me I guess next time I will say hello when we are fishing 3-Tree. 3-Tree was not the beach I was talking about never seeing any one fishing but the beach in fact was close to where I saw the kayak guy fly fishing quite a ways South and not a location I will give out easy by posting on the board though if you know me you may see me fishing in front of it either from the boat or from the kayak. Sorry for the confusion in my writing.
  20. In about 3 more weeks it will be pretty much pick a beach, any beach from Tacoma to Bellingham with 3+ million fish rolling in to the Sound.

    I can't wait, I so actually want to catch a fish, I love going fishing but steelheading this year is all about the joy of "going fishing". I guess I feel a little like an addict whose dealer is holding out on them :p .

    Bring on the fish in a barrel, for a little while at least.

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