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  1. In 2 weeks I will start fishing the beaches for pinks hard with pink clousers and big pink polar shrimp.

  2. Where (approx.) did you catch it?
  3. I am coming up to WA the end of August. If I am trying to target the Puyallup pinks I assume the beaches all along Pt. Defiance would be a good bet?? Also, I am thinking of letting my sister just drop me off at the sound for the day. Can you catch them throughout the day usually or do you have to hit the right tides??
  4. I am new to the area, I've fished for residents silvers and have caught a few. What type of beach/ bank structure, tides etc. do you look for when fishing for pinks? I have some time to take off and sounds like I should target late July?
  5. Neah Bay :)

    I haven't seen any in Puget Sound yet (been fishing nearly every morning). I hit up N. Hood Canal on July 4 and didn't see any then either, was hoping for some early hoodsport fish. I suspect Puget Sound fish wont be in until the end of the Month. But what do I know?
  6. Have you looked at your gallery lately? I would say you know quite a bit!
  7. Richard there were two different sculpins released that I was unable to make an exact ID on. I thought it better to go with non target species rather than opening myself up for target practice and starting some senseless debate with all the wannabe game wardens on the board. :)

    I think we have seen enough of that stuff and was just trying to stay on track with the original thread.

    Good luck and let us know if you run into any pinks.
  8. FYI been fishin sekiu pretty hard the last couple of weeks,not many fish around..yet.however there are a few nice silvers around,not many pinks.
  9. Does anyone keep any Pinks that they catch in the salt? I heard they get nasty in fresh and I will only be targeting them in the PS, but wanted to know if they make a good BBQ thing or are best to let go.

  10. Three words, smoke, smoke, and then more smoke. Not bad on the Q if really bright and bled early.

  11. Yep... I'll only keep them to smoke. They smoke up real nice, but other than that, it's difficult to do much else with them...
  12. how bad could they possibly be? is it just that they don't hold a candle to the taste of a coho?
  13. Thanks, I am a C&R guy, but being that I do like the taste of wild salmon bought at the fish market, shit, might as well save a King and eat a Pink!!!
  14. Actually chrome bright fish caught, bleed, and put immediately on ice BBQ up quite nicely if you have them within 24hrs. Other than that - smoke em.
  15. Nothing at all wrong with fillets of fresh and properly bled humpies from the salt. Zillions of pounds a year are caught commercially for canning. As opposed to chum, which are commercially caught for non-human consumption only (I think?).
  16. Nope. Chum is commercially sold as 'Keta'. Lots of smoked salmon served is 'keta'. Last time I flew, the airline offered smoked salmon. I checked the label and it said 'keta'.
  17. iagree

    Hot coals are the answer. I'm not much of a fish nazi so any type of seared salmon (as long as it's fresh) tastes great to me. Free radicals are yummy. Damn... now I'm hungry and my lunch meeting isn't until 1.

  18. I really don't see the prejudice against pinks taken in the salt as long as they're not nasty estuary fish...and I've never seen or eaten one of those, so...

    Knock them on the head, bleed them, gut and gill them and keep them cool. They are a different salmon from the standpoint of tablefare, just as a chinook is different from a coho is different from a chum. You need to treat them differently when you cook them as they all have different qualities. As for what they are like in the rivers, I couldn't say.

    And believe me when I say I'm picky about the eating qualities of fish...
  19. Nothing wrong with fresh Pinks from the salt on the Barbecue. Nothing wrong with fresh salt Chums either as long as you bleed them well and keep them cold as soon as you land them. You can even keep them tasting good by freezing them right away wrapped in saran wrap and then put into seal a meal bags to keep them fresh if done within hours of catching them. A good fast freezing freezer is a must for this. Some freezers out there are not up to the task.
    River caught fish after they start to color at all is what I can not stand to eat no mater the type of salmon.
    All this talk of eating Salmon makes me glad for the nice Sockeye and baked potato lunch made from left overs from last nights dinner that my two fishing partners of Amie and Julie cooked up for me last night
  20. what is the best way to bleed out a fish? Never done that.....but I really don't keep many. Would like to do some humpies on the smoker though.

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